Gathering warmth and strength, the ELAND charity clothing donation activity was officially launched

Brand spokesperson “Little Rainbow” Xu Mengjie also cheered for this charity clothing donation event, contributing her own influence and calling on fans to join the charity event. With her fresh and refined appearance, dynamic and individual style, sweet smile and hard-working attitude, she injects dreams and vitality into ELAND’s public welfare undertakings.

The same style of clothing of Xu Mengjie, who participated in the charity donation, is made of high-quality and high-end fabrics, which not only brings a natural touch and shows a comfortable style, but also reflects the unique fashion attitude of the ELAND brand. The styles include fashionable college styles, everyday simple styles, gentle vacation styles, and relaxed sports styles, covering pink, basket, navy blue, brown and other colors. , out of the street with a sense of simplicity and luxury.

China E-Land Group continues to devote itself to social welfare undertakings, actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility, and returns 10% of its net profit to the society every year. Since 2011, the cumulative donation has reached 1.1 billion yuan. The group has been committed to carrying out public welfare and charity undertakings in education, medical care, disaster relief, volunteer activities, etc., and has won the highest government award in China’s public welfare and charity field – “China Charity Award” issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for four times for its outstanding contributions. China E-Land Group is also the only foreign-funded enterprise that has won the “China Charity Award” four times. Since 2005, the “China Charity Award” has successfully held 12 commendation activities, and it is the most authoritative, influential and highly involved award in China’s philanthropy field.

In 2022, the “Yilian Sunshine Student Aid Project” has selected 900 impoverished high school students for educational assistance. The “Yilian Sunshine Tutoring Project” has also selected more than 800 volunteers in 9 provinces across the country, allowing impoverished children in mountainous areas to enjoy tutoring services.

“ELAND has been paying attention to the disadvantaged groups in the society for a long time and helping social welfare undertakings. I am very happy that this year’s clothing donation activity has been officially launched to send more warmth to the society. In the future, we will continue to gather more caring power and actively take on the social responsibility through public welfare activities. Responsibility, inherit the spirit of great love, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and make a modest contribution to China’s public welfare undertakings.” said Li Yuyong, brand director of ELAND.

ELANDE was founded in 1980 and entered China in 1994. She is rooted in traditional English culture, with individuality, colorful colors, trendy, eclectic designs, comfortable versions, sophisticated craftsmanship, and advanced fabrics as her design concepts. Committed to delivering more external expressions full of personality for women who are 20-29 years old and entering the workplace.

E-Land Group was established in Seoul, South Korea in 1980. As the largest fashion retail group in South Korea, its business covers six core areas, including clothing, food, housing, rest, beauty, and music, mainly in the circulation retail industry such as department stores and shopping centers. , and other major sectors such as apparel brands, high-end logistics and fashion design, five-star hotels, chain resorts, cultural entertainment, professional football teams, theme parks, and online finance. China E-Land Group was established in Shanghai, China in 1994. As an important part of E-Land Group’s globalization strategy, it currently operates more than 20 clothing brands in China, and has more than 3,500 clothing brand stores and 3 shopping malls throughout China. China and South Korea have extensive cooperation in the field of emerging industries. E-Land Group attaches great importance to it and is constantly committed to introducing the best contemporary accelerator programs in Korea to take root in China.