Garnett admits that he is optimistic about the thick eyebrows before the season starts to win the MVP

  On October 30th, Beijing time, NBA legend Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett discussed the current situation of the Lakers in a program. Garnett admitted that he had missed Anthony Davis.

  Before the start of the season, Garnett was optimistic about the thick eyebrows to win this season’s regular season MVP, thinking that the thick eyebrows will be full of hunger and control everything.

  Speaking of which, Pierce said: “We told you at the time that the thick eyebrows don’t have the Garnett mentality. After the first week, what do you think?”

  Garnett responded: “He looked bloated. I expected him to step up and put in some crazy training. He didn’t play the performance I expected.”

  Talking about the current situation of the Lakers, Pierce said: “Everyone wants to put the blame for the failure of the Lakers on Westbrook. But, to be honest, you know what James will do, this team will only be when the thick eyebrows take over. It worked.”

  Garnett responded: “I don’t think he has the character to carry the team. He is just a good helper, and there must be people like James around. Fortunately, at the beginning of the season, he still has enough time here. Do some incredible things this season.”

  The Lakers started the new season with a five-game losing streak and are the only team in the league so far without a win.

  (Xu Chu)

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