Gao Yuanyuan: Guotai Min’an’s makeup is on the screen, and “Oriental Beauty” is out of the circle with the cooperation of knitted sweaters

Gao Yuanyuan: Guotai Min’an’s makeup is on the screen, and “Oriental Beauty” is out of the circle with the cooperation of knitted sweaters

Recently, I have been brushed by the cosmetics of “Guotai Minan”. Can’t help but think of Gao Yuanyuan, the country’s “spokesperson”, her appearance is the best among “Oriental Beauties”.

The unique appearance has made her popular enough. Even if everyone’s aesthetic standards have not been different for a long time, there are also different aesthetic gaps in different regions. Although they are all modern aesthetic methods, under the influence of different aesthetic standards, dressing presents different visual effects. In different aesthetic standards, there are many collocation ideas and techniques worth learning. There are new works, and they will not be eliminated by the times. Every time she wears it, it can satisfy people’s aesthetics, and her clothes can also show a different sense of beauty.

Gao Yuanyuan’s dress has always been adhering to the tradition of “Guotai and Min’an”, which is dignified, elegant and “righteous”.

Mid-parted shawl, long hair, partial hairstyle, playful and cute, giving people a “good girl” feeling. The blue knitted sweater sets off her spirit. At the age of 43, she has firm skin and fair skin. Be in good spirits!

One is that a piece of clothing is simple enough to replace design with practicality, changing it every year, year after year, and never out of date.

The second is because this dress is too “conservative”, so any of Gao Yuanyuan’s clothes will not be labeled as sexy, sweet, and Korean. This is the real oriental style, which can attract attention and also Eye-catching, no matter how old you are, no one will make irresponsible remarks when wearing a piece of clothing.

Sisters who learn clothing from Gao Yuanyuan are really “blessed”. They can write all these on their clothes, and they can attract the attention of many people without much effort.

The first step is to choose the right clothes, such as knitted cardigans, floral skirts, stand-up collar dresses, and waistcoats. These are all essentials for autumn and winter. You can easily control them and maximize your charm.

Gao Yuanyuan wears the same khaki color, which is simple and generous, giving people a very individual feeling.

Our future development direction is mainly based on knitted products of basic colors, such as coffee, brown, black, beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, and if you are in good physical condition, you can also choose blue, orange and other knitted sweaters.

As long as the figure is suitable, wearing a knitted sweater with the goddess Gao Yuanyuan is simple and not too beautiful. Well, you can choose with confidence.

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