Game of Thrones: The King of Thousands of Points steals ideas, changes shape and shoots, and the version is strong and steals the lineup!

Foreword: Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Hai. The latest Xiaohi found a new set of ideas for top-scoring when testing the lineup, and the lineup is very strong. Today, Xiaohai will share with you the advanced version of Xia-Transformation High Shot.

emm.. when Xiaohi was testing the lineup, he finally scored a thousand points, which is a small wish. And Xiaohi will often share with you in the group, the idea of ​​scoring every day, although the value of the game version has not changed, but the changes in the environment and new ideas are the core of stealing points. Interested friends can chat privately~

Lineup: Ezreal, Twitch, Varus, 呲呲, Xayah, Jayce, Shyvana

Lineup fetters: 4/5 shooter 5 adventure 4 angry wings 2 shape change 2 dragon god

Job change recommendation: Sagittarius Emblem

Lineup Changes: If there is no Shyvana, Shangnar + Ezreal + Luo Kai 2 Changes 2 Wings 5 ​​Shooters

Dragon Enhancement: Swift Archer’s Heart/Emblem/Soul, Power Attack, Ah Fu’s Treasure Bag, Hunting Rhythm, Adventure Emblem, etc.

Lord C Xia: Guinsuo’s Raging Blade + Giant Catcher / Endless Blade / Last Whisper / Sharp Blade

The equipment of the main C Xia is given priority to the violence output equipment, and the Furious Blade of Guinsuo is mainly used for transitional use. If there are 5 swift shooter fetters in the later stage, you can consider it instead of the high explosive 3-piece set.

Lord Tangerth: Outlaw Armor/Sunfire Cloak + Dragon Claw + Thorns Armor

Jace’s equipment must be the Dragon’s Claw, especially when there are many three lineup systems of the Dragon Karma, the Dragon Li Qing, and the Dragon Kai’Sa, as long as there is a lineup of magicians, Jess of the Dragon’s Claw can be beat up. What is the use of other equipment such as Outlaw Armor, Sunfire Cloak, Thorns Armor, Gargoyle Stone Plate Armor, and Titan’s Resolute.

Q: How does this lineup work?

A: The traditional adventurous rage is based on the fetters of 6 Wing Wyverns, while 6 Wing Wyverns can provide 150% attack speed and 45% all-around lifesteal, while 4 Wing Wyverns can provide 100% attack speed and 30% all-around bloodsteal , the difference between 4/6 Wing Wings is 50% attack speed and 15% all-around lifesteal.

The 2 Swift Archer bond can only provide 10% attack speed according to the distance of the grid, and the 4/5 Swift Archer provides 25/45% attack speed bonus. As long as there is a Swift Archer emblem, then the attack speed gain of opening 5 Swift Archer will be higher. In 6 Wrath Dragon, it is equivalent to abandoning the control of Luo and Hecarim and the outbreak of Tandu at the beginning.

Lineup operation: This is a set of operation flow lineup. The premise of playing is to have the Swift Archer Emblem. Of course, under normal circumstances, the Swift Archer Emblem will give priority to the shooter Yone. Therefore, the Heart of the Swift Archer (does not provide the Mark of the Archer, the number of bonds +1) is the most cost-effective.

If you can’t use 5 Swift Shooter Fetters, the attack speed bonus will be lower than the strength of 6 Wing Wings , so only consider playing this lineup if you have a coat of arms!

Starting Equipment: Recurve Bow . In the early stage, the first priority is to make the Furious Blade of Guinsoo

It needs to be said here that 5 swift shooters do not have a great demand for Guinsuo’s Berserker Blade, but it is difficult to operate the transition without Guisuo’s Berserk Blade in the early stage!

Stage 2: 2-1 pulls 4 populations, 2-5 pulls 5 populations, and transitions with 2 guards/2 heavy cavalry + 2 archers in the early stage. Whoever gets 2 stars in the low-cost front row will use it. Xia’s Guinsuo’s Berserk Blade will be used directly by Ezreal as a part-time worker, trying to win streak as much as possible without selling blood.

Stage 3: 3-2 pull 6 population replenishment 呲呲 open high-adventure fetters, if the quality is too low, you can consider chasing 2 stars for low-cost cards. With 1 star 呲呲 + 2 star Ezreal, you can basically win 7 people in a row.

Stage 4: 3-5/4-1 pull 7 people, 7 people find 1 Xingxia + 1 Xing Jace + 2 Xing Ha Ha, you can lock blood and pull 8 people.

Late lineup: 8 population search to find 2 Xingxia + 2 Xing Jace + 1 Xing Shyvana.

If you don’t have Shyvana, you can consider Jace + Gnar to open 2 shape-changing fetters, and other supplements Hecarim/Luo to open 2 adventure fetters.