Game of Genting: 2.19 lineup recommendation, Yulong Saifen will score steadily, Shenlong will become the version of black technology

Foreword: Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Hai. The new version has been optimized for a few days, so what lineup will the new version use? Today, Xiaohi will share with you the idea of ​​​​upgrading the new version.

Since there is no hot patch update this week, the current version environment has not changed much. The version of the cancer lineup has been determined to be Yulong Saifen, and its scoring rate is much higher than other lineups. The output ceiling of the lineup is still four dragons, but low-cost cards are rampant, and the difficulty of forming four dragons has been greatly improved.

The popularity of low-fee cards has soared, and the main C lineup of Seti, Karma, Yone, Li Qing, and Rengar has risen strongly.

Lineup Analysis: In the current version, if you want to have a population of 9 and four dragons Ao Xing, you must have a strong dragon reinforcement at the beginning. For example , the strengthening of competition types such as late-stage experts, upgrades, high-end shopping, clear experts, and chaotic minds . It’s very difficult to get 9 people by simply relying on the high star realm. At the same time, it is not recommended to have 9 people on the movie. Without 2 star Aoxing, it is very difficult to lock blood in stages 4 and 5.

Lineup Analysis: Secondly, there is the Adventure Crest at the beginning, and Adventure Aoxing is also a good choice. The strength of the adventure Aoxing lineup is that if you can’t get 9 people in the mid-term, you can consider Dijialai C in the mid-to-late stage. Dijia’s spell injury is very suitable for transitioning to work without Ao Xing.

Lineup analysis: Yulong Saifen is already the current version of the cancer lineup, the Grandmaster-King segment, and the full 2-star Yulong Saifen is basically a configuration that eats points. And the adventurous anger that restrains Yulong Saifen is not particularly popular in the current version, so there are not many lineups that can restrain Yulong Saifen.

Playing Yulong Saifen is the same as other high-fee card lineups, and operation is very important. Xiaohai strongly recommends using the astral jade dragon to transition, Nidalee and Sun Wukong whoever gets 2 stars first will use the part-time job transition, and the Cloak of the Sun Flame must be made first, and the other equipment will be given priority to the two pieces of the sword and the fist of justice. Pack.

Lineup Analysis: You must play Karma for low-cost cards. Karma now has two ways to play, namely, the back row output position with the blue fighter, and the front row position with the recovery nature of the sword/fist of justice .

If everyone likes to play Karma with the blue tyrant server, you need to chase the 3-star Leona + Nasser to create a 2 guard bond to ensure that Karma can output stably, and then consider the high dragon bond in the later stage.

Lineup Analysis: The advanced version of Shenlong Karma is Shenlong Li Qing, and the 3-star Li Qing combined with Axiom Arc and Hunting Rhythm is the configuration for climbing to the top. Dacheng Shenlong Li Qing restrains all lineups, but it should be noted that Li Qing is given priority to stand in the front row and be beaten to release his skills. 3-star Li Qing’s blood volume exceeds 5000, and basically he will not be directly dropped in seconds.

Lineup Analysis: The weakening of Ao Xing and the acceleration of the game rhythm have led to a straight increase in the appearance rate of Fury Wing Sett, who is still the old lineup idea. But the way of doing business has changed.

Now the core of chasing 3 stars Seti is not only Seti, but Seti + Nasus . Nasus + Jax + Volibear form the fetters of 3 golden dragons. The golden dragon is equipped with Draven ‘s Axe, Speculator’s Blade, and the Staff of the Gold Master, which are Seti’s top equipment.

In particular, the speculator’s blade is paired with Guinsuo’s berserk blade, and a game may get more than 10 gold coins at most, which greatly makes up for the backwardness of the early economy.

Lineup Advancement: Wing Wing Seti is not recommended to play against Shi Aoyu and Karma directly at the start unless they are anxious, both of these heroes can kill Seti in seconds after they become successful.

Lineup Analysis: The start is color enhancement, so congratulations on this score. Get the color scope, please be calm! Selling blood in the early stage to make Guinsuo’s Furious Blade, this equipment must be done, which is the key to Yone’s winning streak in the 2nd and 3rd stages.

Lineup analysis: If you get the golden shovel at the beginning, then the shooter Yone is also a good choice. Especially in the current version, the role of the shovel is not particularly high. The only ones that can be transferred are the Mage Emblem and the Archer Emblem. Among them, the Mage Emblem must have the Mage Nomshi to play, while the Archer Yongen only has gold. Shovel and shovel!

Lineup analysis: The new version of Swain has been strengthened, and the skill damage of 2-star Swain has been newly improved. In the last season, Rengar was already Ao Xing’s nemesis. Now the enhancement of Swain also means that The damage of the Dark Spirit Assassin has been greatly increased, so the new version of Rengar’s lineup is prioritized with 6 Dark Spirit Dragons.

Dark Star Swain is a new understanding. The appearance rate of this lineup in high scores has been greatly improved, and the rate of scoring and summiting is very high. Core sacrifice transfer and equipment that cannot be synthesized, 2-star Swain + 3-star Rengar is basically the configuration of the first 2.

Lineup analysis: Mage must have Mage Nomshi before considering playing. Now Nomshi has a new idea for the outfit, which is to replace the Spear of Shuoji with the blue tyrant suit.

The Lanba server can provide 50 mana at the beginning, and the activation of Nomshi will be faster than the activation of the Spear of Shuoji. As long as there is the Axiom Arc, the giant dragon, and with the 3-star Nomshi, it is basically able to earn points steadily!

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Summary: The current version of the operation lineup is still the main push of Yulong Saifen, and these two lineups are all 2 stars to be able to get points. Secondly, the D-card flow is still dominated by the three systems of Seti, Karma, and Yone, and the strength of these three lineups in the later stage is still acceptable.

If there is Mage Nomshi, the priority is to choose 7 Fa Nomshi, and if there is no Shenlong Li Qing, the three sets of equipment of Nomshi, Li Qing, and Karma are common to the main C of the lineup.