Game Morning Post: “Overwatch: Homecoming” has more than 25 million players, have you gone back to play?

Good morning fellow players! Let’s take a look at the major events in the game circle from last night to this early morning.

Overwatch: Homecoming surpasses 25 million players in 10 days

Blizzard officially announced that “Overwatch: Homecoming” has exceeded 25 million players within 10 days of its launch. Are you one of them too?

Free multiplayer shooter game “Gundam: Evolution” surpasses 1 million players in its first week

“Gundam: Evolution” is a new free-to-play hero shooting game launched by Bandai Namco. Its gameplay is similar to “Overwatch”, but players control various Gundam bodies. Yesterday’s official release log stated: “Gundam: Evolution” exceeded 1 million players in the first week of its launch!

In addition, “Gundam Evolution” will launch the second season on November 30 (the console version is December 1), including new units, new maps, new gameplay features, and the second season will increase the way to obtain items. More details will be revealed around November 18.

Although the popularity exceeded official expectations, there were still quite a few problems when “Gundam Evolution” was launched. The Steam version of the player’s praise rate was only 51%, and further updates and improvements are needed in the future.

Multiplayer asymmetric confrontation end game “Dragon Ball Breaker” Steam has mixed reviews

“Dragon Ball: Boundary Fighter” was officially released yesterday. As a 1v7 asymmetric online action game, it played some different features under the blessing of Dragon Ball IP. At present, the game has 500+ player reviews on Steam, and the positive rate is 61%.

Players complain that the current balance of “Dragon Ball: Boundless Fighter” is not very good, and the survivor players feel very frustrated; many people are very dissatisfied with the in-app purchase krypton gold system of this game (the game itself is not free), in addition, the game still has some The optimization problem, as an online game in China, also needs to be improved.

“Legend of Sword and Fairy 7” ushered in a new record low on Steam, you can start at 89.6 yuan

The domestic immortal masterpiece “The Legend of Sword and Fairy 7” ushered in a “new historical low” on the Steam platform today! For the first time, the game has given a 30% discount price, which can be started at 89.6 yuan, and the special price will last until October 29.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy game in the new day, see you tomorrow~