Game Morning Post: Legend of Sword and Fairy VII launches Xbox version! Overwatch Returns PVE event will go live tomorrow

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Good morning fellow players! Let’s take a look at the major events in the game circle from last night to this early morning.

Overwatch Returns 2022 Halloween Event Coming Tomorrow

“Return of Overwatch” 2022 Halloween event “Revenge of the Rat: Bride’s Wrath” will be launched tomorrow (October 26).

In the all-new limited-time co-op mission “Revenge of the Rat: Wrath of the Bride”, you can win exciting rewards such as spray paint, name tags, pendants, and more. In addition, there are free login benefits: “Death” legend skin, first aid kit pendant.

“Sniper Ghost Warrior” developer announces new tactical shooting PvE online game

The official CI GAMES of “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” recently disclosed their future plans. They are making a multiplayer PvE tactical shooting game code-named “Project Scorpio”, which will be developed using the Unreal 5 engine and pay for itself.

The game will be developed by the same team that previously worked on Sniper Ghost Warrior, and plans to keep it updated long after launch.

Fallout 4 next-gen update will be free next year

The classic wasteland game series “Fallout” is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and today Bethesda announced some new news, including the next-generation version of “Fallout 4”! It will launch for free in 2023, and will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC platforms.

The official said: “Get ready for the future: Fallout 4 will have a next-generation update! The update will launch in 2023 and will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC platforms. The update includes a higher frame rate update. Performance mode, 4K resolution quality features, bug fixes, and additional Creation Club content!”

At present, the main force of B company is still developing “Starry Sky”, and after that, “The Elder Scrolls 6” will be developed. There will be no news about the new “Fallout” series in the short term. You can experience the next-generation version of “Fallout 4” first next year.

Legend of Sword and Fairy VII on Xbox Edition

The Xbox version of Legend of Sword and Fairy VII has been opened for pre-sale in overseas stores and Microsoft stores. The Hong Kong version of the game is priced at HKD 210.6. The game will officially land on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PC on November 3 platform.

Multi-platform MMORPG “TRAHA Global Edition” announced to be officially launched on November 2

A few days ago, South Korean game company Moaigames announced that its “TRAHA Global” (provisional translation: TRAHA global version) will be officially launched on November 2.

“TRAHA Global Edition” will be launched on the Steam platform, and will also support the linkage between the PC version and the mobile game version. Among them, the mobile game version will be pre-downloaded through Google Play and App Store from October 31, before the launch.

In order to provide global players with high-quality RVR gameplay, “TRAHA Global Edition” will strive to provide the same game environment for global players in addition to using the same global server.

Multi-platform MMORPG “DEKARON G” officially launched the global version today

Today (October 25), the multi-platform MMORPG “DEKARON G” (Challenge G) under the Korean game company ThumbAg was officially launched globally.

“Challenge G” is a global version of the end-game adaptation of the MMORPG mobile game “Challenge M”, which improves the pet growth system, map model, etc. of “Challenge M”, further improving the degree of completion. At the same time, as a hardcore game, the dark atmosphere before the end of the world such as rain or thunder is interpreted in the game, which strengthens the immersion of the game.

Prior to this, “Challenge G” was pre-launched in Europe, North and South America, and Southeast Asia on the 18th of this month, and won the first and second free rankings on the App Store in several of these regions. The official said that this kind of popularity is thanks to the content verified by “Challenge M” and the IP of the longevity PC game “Challenge”.

In addition, “Challenge G” will support 11 languages ​​including Simplified Chinese.

Finally, I wish everyone a happy game today, see you tomorrow~