Game Morning News: The father of DNF is in charge! Free super power eating chicken terminal game opens early access today

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Good morning fellow players! Let’s take a look at what major events in the game circle happened yesterday.

“Need for Speed: Uninhibited” will release a new demo tonight at 23:00

EA announced that “Need for Speed: Uninhibited” will release a real machine demonstration at 23:00 Beijing time tonight, and also released a small special effect map, and interested players can pay attention to it.

Need for Speed ​​22: Uninhibited is scheduled to be released on December 2 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Gameloft is building an open-world 3A multiplayer game for PC consoles

Recently, it was reported that Gameloft is preparing for a brand new AAA game.

A job posting from Gameloft reveals that the company is looking for a planner for an ambitious undisclosed AAA game for PC/console. The job posting mentions that the game is developed using Unreal Engine and is an open-world multiplayer game.

The new game “Super Strike Breakthrough” of the battle royale shooting game will open the early experience today

The new Korean battle royale shooting game “SUPER PEOPLE” (formerly known as: Super Human) will be available for early access from today (October 11) at 13:00 Beijing time.

In the early access version, a new shop system and a new class “cannonball operator” will be added, and the class balance will be adjusted. It’s important to note, however, that character nicknames and game data created before Early Access have been reset.

At the same time, “Breakthrough” also released a new costume display video of the Halloween witch and vampire.

“Breakthrough” is a new mode survival shooting game developed by South Korean game developer WONDER PEOPLE. In the game, players can operate the unique super fighters and experience the unique fun of survival battle. At the same time, due to the various materials and props obtained during the game, which can be used to make and upgrade firearms and equipment, players can also feel the fun of brushing props and growing.

“Bubble Hall” Hanbok celebrates its 21st anniversary

A few days ago, the Hanbok “Bubble Hall” celebrated its 21st anniversary with an update and a variety of activities.

First of all, based on the theme “Hip Hop”, a brand new map with retro style has been added. After the update, players can play in the “Hip-Hop Club 21” map featuring gorgeous lighting and “Hip-Hop” music. The map also features the number 21, which represents the 21st anniversary, in purple squares.

Second, NEXON has prepared various events to commemorate its 21st anniversary. Hanbok players can get “Hip Hop Hat” and other costumes as rewards when they complete the new hip-hop map game task through the “Bubble Hall Mission” event until October 26.

At the same time, during the same time period, there will also be a “Challenge! Sign in King” event. During the event period, Hanbok players can get a special reward by clicking the sign-in button after logging in for more than an hour every day.

On the other hand, the national service “Bubble Hall” also celebrated its 19th anniversary this year.

The above is the key news that happened in the game circle yesterday that 17173 has sorted out for you. I wish you a happy game in the new day. See you tomorrow~