GAC Trumpchi welcomes the new year of the “Shadow” family of hybrid products to the market

Our reporter Huang Lin Zhao Yi reported from Shenzhen

As the “dual carbon goal” has become a hot word in the industry again, a variety of hybrid models or new energy models have emerged in the product matrix of car companies, and market competition has entered a new stage. This year, GAC Trumpchi, the self-owned brand of GAC Group, officially sounded the charge of its second entrepreneurship and transformation into a new energy technology enterprise. Entering the fourth quarter, GAC Trumpchi ushered in the launch of hybrid products.

Bearing the brunt, the new SUV Yingku of the Ying family is a blockbuster model for GAC Trumpchi to transform into a new energy technology company. On October 23, Yingku was officially launched in the Guangzhou area. Immediately after that, the Shadow Family Shadow Leopard Hybrid Edition was officially launched on October 25. The target audience of the above two models are young people, and both adopt the Julang Hybrid GMC 2.0 technical route.

In addition, the GAC Trumpchi M8 Grandmaster Edition has also opened for reservations in late October. Among them, the dual-engine hybrid version has launched a total of three models, with a reservation price of 305,000 to 345,000 yuan, and is expected to be officially launched in November.

Accelerate Hybridization

At present, it has become an industry consensus to promote carbon neutrality, and traditional fuel car companies have transformed into energy-saving and low-carbon. According to the plan, GAC Trumpchi plans to realize hybridization of all models in 2025, and achieve hybrid sales accounting for 60% in 2030, challenging to achieve carbon neutrality in 2045.

In order to achieve the goal as soon as possible, GAC Trumpchi has successively released two new models of the Ying family in October, namely Yingku and Yingbao hybrid version. Both models are available in hybrid versions, using a combination of GAC 2.0ATK high-efficiency Atkinson engine, Julang Hybrid GMC2.0 electromechanical coupling, and a Justar chassis with “tough, smooth and stable” performance genes.

In terms of marketing, the two new cars emphasize fuel economy. Among them, the fuel consumption of the Shadow Leopard Hybrid WLTC is 4.33 liters per 100 kilometers, and the maximum battery life of a tank of fuel is 1,537 kilometers. In addition, in terms of intelligence, Shadow Leopard Hybrid and Shadow Cool are equipped with ADiGO intelligent car networking ecosystem, mobile phone sensorless interaction system, L2-level assisted driving system and a number of intelligent configurations.

Although it is the same as the shadow family matrix, the hybrid version of the shadow leopard is also different from the shadow cool.

On October 25, the launch conference of the “China Shadow Leopard Dare to Be the First” Shadow Leopard Hybrid Edition was held at the GAC Trumpchi Hubei Yichang Plant. 128,000 yuan and 148,000 yuan respectively. The Shadow Leopard Hybrid Edition is positioned to be “the first hybrid light run for young people”, taking into account the economy and practicality of urban mobility.

In terms of appearance, the hybrid version of the Shadow Leopard follows the appearance and coupe posture of the fuel version of the fighter to achieve ultra-low wind resistance of 0.26. Two appearances are introduced, with the new body color of Super Star Silver and the interior of the technology blue and white theme, based on sports performance and taking into account household needs.

In terms of handling performance, the hybrid version of the Shadow Leopard accelerates from 0 to 60km/h in 3.4 seconds, achieving the world’s highest thermal efficiency of 42.1% with the same displacement, and the system’s maximum power reaching 175kw. The thermal efficiency utilization rate of the hybrid system under the WLTC operating condition is 95.5%, and the driving experience of “fast, quiet, economical and smooth” is upgraded, and the starting response in place is ≤0.23s.

The Yingkuo provides three power versions, 1.5T fuel version, 2.0T fuel version and 2.0ATK hybrid version, with a total of 8 configuration models, and the official price is 119,800 yuan to 169,800 yuan. The shape is arranged by the transition grating and the dimension is increased. The depth design reflects the refined texture, and the technological shape full of mecha style, and is equipped with the rhythm lamp function and music light show. The acceleration from 0 to 60km/h is about 3.9s, and the trunk volume reaches 420L, releasing a large space in the car.

target young people

Since last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Trumpchi has released the brand slogan of “One Qi, Smart Mobility, Better”, and has gradually aimed at the needs of the new generation of consumers in product design.

As Generation Z consumers begin to rise and become the main consumption force, rejuvenation has gradually become an important issue for the brand renewal of major auto companies, while GAC Trumpchi has chosen to release two new models of the Ying Family in the form of a talk show popular with young people. The distance between the product and the target audience.

In the inventory at the end of 2021, GAC Trumpchi has stated that rejuvenation does not mean communicating with consumer groups by lowering prices, but communicating with consumers through younger products and younger marketing. The hybrid version of Shadow Leopard and Shadow Cool released this time are all aimed at young people.

On the day of the launch conference of Yingkuo in Guangzhou, Yingkuo has opened the test drive experience. Different from the previous test drives, this Yingku test drive was held at the Tianlu Camp of Guangzhou AMPM All-Day Camp. A comparison test drive was also arranged on the same level of Haoying. Driving users also participate in various activities such as paddle boards, Frisbees, and flower arrangements. Thanks to the youthful marketing strategy, since the pre-sale, the order volume of Yingkuo has exceeded 10,000 units.

The hybrid version of the Shadow Leopard continues the consistent style of the Shadow Leopard and the spirit of daring to be the first. The launch conference breaks the stereotyped idea, without the traditional lengthy model introduction and guest appearances, and gathers young car owners. They and Shadow Leopard boarded the C position of the press conference.

In addition, the J-10B fighter also appeared at the launch site of the Shadow Leopard Hybrid Edition, and users can also experience the Shadow Leopard hybrid life in the trunk market and the nine major tide play areas. The launch day of the Shadow Leopard Hybrid Edition coincided with the first anniversary of the founding of the Shadow Leopard Qingyou Group. The on-site review created a moment with users, and jointly issued the “China Shadow Leopard Tribute to Chinese Youth” theme declaration with the Communist Youth League, establishing a new height of the product and attracting young people. .

(Editor: Zhao Yi proofreading: Yan Jingning)