Future intelligent leader! MYbank’s “Bailing” risk control system won the IDC award

Source: Financial Industry Information

  At the “2022 Seventh China Digital Transformation Annual Ceremony” held on October 27, IDC, an international authoritative consulting firm, announced the list of this year’s Future Enterprise Awards Excellence Awards. MYbank won the “Future Intelligent Leader” award for its newly released “Bailing” intelligent interactive risk control system, becoming the only financial industry institution to receive this award.

  The Future Enterprise Award was selected from more than 500 nominated projects by a panel of digital transformation experts invited by IDC, covering 13 industries such as manufacturing, finance, medical care, retail, and services, aiming to provide the industry with cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and promote industry digital transformation innovative methods and cases.

  The award-winning “Bailing System” is a new generation of risk control system launched by MYbank for small and micro operators. Automatic identification and analysis of business-related information such as storefront photos, and use of human-computer interaction to understand payment demands and scenarios, more accurately restore its real business conditions, and provide a more matching credit line – this model is called self-certification .

  Compared with traditional manual approval, through the integrated application of computer vision, knowledge graph, human-computer interaction and other technologies, the “Bailing” system can provide personalized credit approval services for small and micro operators in the case of large-scale and high concurrency. The realization of no manual intervention in the whole process provides the possibility for more inclusive and accurate small and micro financial services, and also solves the problem that the previous big data risk control was difficult to take into account individual needs and the service depth was insufficient.

  IDC believes that MYbank’s “Bailing” intelligent risk control system explores a new model for the development of inclusive finance in China, aiming at the three major problems of small and micro financial services: thin data, large industry differences, and complex user needs. A series of intelligent upgrades have been implemented to realize the complete link of perception-cognition-interaction-decision-making, so that risk control can see, listen, speak, and think, and it brings more and more new self-evidence models. Recognized by the industry.

  ”The ‘Bailing System’ has helped more than 2 million small and micro operators to increase their credit lines since it was launched for half a year. The market demand is strong and the risk performance is good.” Luo Hui, an artificial intelligence expert of MYbank, said at the meeting, “Artificial intelligence is changing small and micro businesses. The underlying logic of micro-finance, under the data + intelligent two-wheel drive strategy, a lot of previously invisible discrete information has been structured, allowing us to understand small and micro users from a new perspective, and help them get one step closer to digitization. More and more small and micro operators have obtained financial support through new technologies, which also helps them maintain stable operations and has a positive impact on improving the resilience of the real economy.

  The financial industry is entering a deep-water area of ​​digital transformation, and technology represented by artificial intelligence is the key to improving the industry’s operating level and better serving the real economy. At this forum, MYbank and IDC released the industry’s first “Small and Micro Finance White Paper”.

  According to the white paper survey, 90% of financial institutions have or are in the process of deploying small and micro businesses, and more than 90% of them have increased their investment in small and micro financial technology. The core of future small and micro financial technology is to further improve the efficiency of information acquisition and utilization, asset-oriented perception and cognition technology, user-oriented interaction technology, security-oriented privacy computing technology, cooperation-oriented OPENAPI+ open technology and industry-oriented connection Technology is the “new infrastructure” of small and micro financial technology in the next five years.