FTY sand sculpture puzzle game “draw flights” alternative mobile game ranks among the top 10 in Google Store

Have you ever played a flying game with a hand-drawn path forward? Today, we recommend the sand sculpture casual puzzle game “draw flights – drawing puzzle” (drawing ropes) launched by FTY LLC with the background of drawing escape routes. Players play the role of a skilled rescuer in the game, follow their own ideas to draw a free flight path for the character, let it land safely and reach the destination smoothly. Friends who are familiar with us will surely remember that FTY, a company famous for making sand sculpture puzzle games, has previously recommended “Save them all” (line drawing defense) and “Shoot’em all” (national shooting). game.

  • Game Highlights

“draw flights – drawing puzzle” is a new product of FTY’s sand sculpture series. It continues the classic hand-painted gameplay of the previous game. Your goal is still to save the sand sculpture to the ultimate role. Unlike the previous game, you have more room to play here. Feel free to create an enviable route that follows exactly how you like it. The game is based on the classic game “Rope Rescue” (rope rescue), adding a high degree of freedom of hand-painted content, bringing a new gaming experience.

  • Featured gameplay

The gameplay of “draw flights – drawing puzzle” adopts the hand-painted gameplay in puzzle games. You can choose to save the sand sculpture character directly, or choose a more sand sculpture route to complete the level, and even experience countless failures to release your pressure. As long as you don’t hit the wall, you can cycle back and forth happily in the level, enjoy the free and happy atmosphere, swim between the levels with different settings, and let your talents play to the fullest.

  • screen scene

“draw flights – drawing puzzle” adopts a very simple 2D graphic style. The setting of the scene is as simple as ever. The background of solid color patchwork is matched with extremely simple obstacles, as if to tell you that the feature of the game lies in its own experience, not that People are speechless in simple scenes and sand sculptures to extremely boring characters. If you like drawing all kinds of patterns, you can try one or two in the game.

  • Game evaluation

From the actual experience, “draw flights – drawing puzzle” continues FTY’s sand sculpture design style, and chooses a variety of classic ways to play, from the earliest “Save them all” to save characters, to “Mr. Bullet” later “Shoot’em all”, and then to this work derived from “Rope Rescue”. Each game has popular competing products as prototypes, plus the sand sculpture style transformation of FTY itself, giving a new life to each gameplay.

On the other hand, the shape of the sand sculpture and the almost brainless simple gameplay make many overseas players enjoy it, but it is difficult to impress the hearts of the vast majority of mainland players. Compared with mainland players who have stricter requirements for games and more comprehensive needs, whether it is core gameplay, content depth or difficulty control, they all need to reach a certain height to meet the needs of the vast majority of players, and this is exactly what domestic and foreign players are. The biggest difference lies.

  • Player recommendation

If you are a fan of sand sculpture series games, if you are interested in simple puzzle games, if you simply need a simple and fun game, then please don’t miss this “draw flights – drawing puzzle”.

  • Game popularity

At present, “draw flights – drawing puzzle” ranks 10th in the top free games list in Google Play Store, Google’s official application store, and has accumulated more than 1 million downloads. It is suitable for players of all ages, and has received more than 5,000 comments and a score of 4.0.

  • brand introduction

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