From new face to supermodel, He Cong has been gone for 7 years

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Just walking off the runway of Paris Fashion Week, He Cong walked into the shooting scene of the COSMO cover in high spirits. It was an old friend and a first meeting. In the Spring/Summer 2023 International Fashion Week, He Cong ended with a total of 27 shows in three stops in New York, Milan and Paris. From a new face to a supermodel, He Cong has been gone for 7 years, and his footprints are all over the world. There are hardships and setbacks in the 7 years of unstoppable steps, but more of it is full of harvest and the original intention remains unchanged. With gratitude, I enjoy the enthusiasm and leisure of traveling the world.

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“If you stay in the fast-paced life of the city for too long, you will be very eager to be in the mountains and rivers”

“When you walk in the natural environment, time will slow down.”

Work makes He Cong often visit wonderful places, and the Camargue Wetland Park in southern France is one of them. This is one of the most important wetland reserves in the world and one of the few areas in Europe with flamingos. Fashion shows always find unexpected and beautiful places to recreate the world of fashion psychedelics. This year’s autumn and winter show of the brand allowed He Cong to experience the southern French style of sky blue, salt and white. “Red salt lake, white salt field.” Xiudao was designed on the salt mountain. He Cong saw the natural blazing colors and felt the power of nature. “We walked down from the top of the mountain, and everything around was white, as if walking alone in a pure white world, which was vast and spectacular.” Natural, fashionable, and integrated there.

“After staying in the fast-paced life of the city for too long, I will be very eager to be in the middle of nature. If I take a walk in a very comfortable environment, the time will slow down.” He Cong enjoys the comfortable and slow life in nature very much. Wash away the complexity of the city, and even breathing becomes lighter.

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“Being a model taught me to enjoy every moment of the moment”

“Enjoy every moment of the moment” is the most helpful sentence He Cong has learned since he engaged in the modeling industry, and he tries his best to do it. If time permits, she will walk around the area after work. The first time I went to Rome was seven years ago, when He Cong threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. According to local rules, you can make three wishes by throwing a coin with your back to the Trevi Fountain, one of which must be “Return to Rome”. Perhaps it was because of sincerity that He Cong returned to Rome again and again. As long as she goes to the Trevi Fountain, she has to throw down coins, make a wish, and return to this charming ancient city-state again.

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“Walking between familiar or unfamiliar countries and cities, walking around the streets and alleys, experiencing different cultures and cultural customs, the freshness of exploring the unknown is very attractive to me.” He Cong enjoyed The freshness of visiting different cities. She will take beautiful photos and videos to share with everyone, and will also search for local specialties and attractions to check in. The best way to understand a city is to be in it, smell different air, see different scenery, feel different wind, rain, thunder, lightning, sunshine, rain and dew, and the inadvertent little harvest quietly enriches the vastness of life.

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“It’s my wish to walk on the catwalks around the world for as long as possible, but home is my strength to walk.”

“Every past experience has a necessity to exist.”

He Cong’s mailbox has always kept the email that she was invited to participate in the fashion week for the first time 7 years ago, which is the most precious memory in her heart. “It’s like an existence that opens the door to a new world.” From the beginning of casting to the confirmation, one email after another recorded the beginning of He Cong’s becoming a model. “Every time I open it, I can relive the feeling of longing and anticipation at that time.” She still vividly remembers the image of her running to an interview in a strange city.

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In 2013, He Cong, who was still studying, took part in the catwalk for the first time in Shanghai with the idea of ​​giving it a try. At that time, she was curious about the fashion industry, and she hadn’t seriously thought about becoming a model. Two years later, He Cong, who completed his studies, decided to go abroad to participate in the fashion week and truly embark on the road of supermodel. “I didn’t think about failure or success. I just wanted to go out and explore the world and see the world.” With nervousness, anticipation and the peculiar drive of Hunan girls, He Cong, who went abroad alone for the first time, went into the unpredictable unknown. Step by step, she saw a lot of novelty and interesting.

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“Before I go out, I don’t think this show is definitely yours.” Fashion catwalks are full of uncertainties and various unknown links. “If the music doesn’t sound at the end, and I walk to the show with the music, I will still be a little nervous.” He Cong will also be anxious because of the uncertainty of his work. The solution is to try to keep himself calm. She will use food and sleep to change her mood, and then face it after she pulls away from her emotions. “Don’t let yourself be in negative emotions all the time. Every past experience is necessary.”

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“No matter where I go, I always miss the taste of my hometown. Home is the starting point for me to walk the world.”

Running around the world, He Cong must always carry the spicy snacks from his hometown with him. Eat a little when you are homesick, and you can also dilute a little homesickness while satisfying your cravings. Under the runway, He Cong is a family lover. When the work is over, He Cong can take off his “supermodel coat” and become an ordinary little girl, and talk, laugh, and act coquettishly with his family.

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Her father is He Cong’s role model. His character of doing things to the extreme encourages her to move forward. It is the family who teaches He Cong to take every job seriously, and it is also the family who supports her to go further and more steadily. Home is the source of He Cong’s strength and the starting point of his dreams. With love and courage, she fearlessly marches on the road of supermodel full of light and thorns.

Dark blue turtleneck top, black sequined skirt ▌

Blue gauze dress, dark blue baseball cap, black gloves all by FENDI

(For the full interview, see the November issue of Fashion COSMO)

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