From head to toe, the national service of “DNF” has greatly revised the vertical painting, skill name and skill animation

On October 27th, some players found that in the advance of “DNF” (Dungeon and Warriors), the character portraits, images, skill icons, skill animations, etc. have been adjusted to a certain extent, and a large number of occupations are within the scope of this modification. Therefore, this revision is the strongest since the game was launched in China.

Specifically, first of all, in terms of character portraits, the portraits of a large number of characters in the game have been fine-tuned. For example, the color of the arms of the popular character Berserker has changed from the previous dark red to pure black, and most of the characters have also “added fabrics”. “.

At the same time, not only the characters that players can choose, but also the images of some monsters in the dungeon have been updated. For example, the colors of some monsters have changed compared to before, and some have updated appearances.

In addition, the religious element seems to be the focus of this revision. Almost all clergy characters and occupations in the game have been adjusted, such as the “Cross”, and some skill animations related to the cross have also been adjusted. , and the game skill icons with magic circles and related elements have also been adjusted.

Moreover, not only the occupation and skill animations, but also the background textures in the game are also replaced with new content.

In terms of text, the adjustments in this game are mainly concentrated on the skill icons. For example, the “EX” on the skill icon in the game has been changed to “strong”, “M” has been changed to “fine”, and the skill icons have also been changed to a certain extent. Modifications.

Due to the large adjustment range and content, after these changes were uploaded by players to the Internet social platform, extensive discussions were soon aroused, and there were many opinions for a while.

Of course, it should be pointed out that at present these changes only appear in the advance server, and the game’s official website has not listed the update details for the time being, so whether it will be implemented in the official server game is still unknown.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to “DNF”, another popular mobile game “Lost in Time” has also been adjusted and optimized for vertical drawing recently, and it has been implemented in the game content.

In the past two years, the adjustment and optimization of character images, vertical drawings, and names has become a common phenomenon in the domestic game industry. Among them, not only new games but also a large number of products are running games. It can be seen that with the continuous strengthening of supervision, whether new games or old products Maybe not to relax.