From bZ to bZ, Toyota creates new heights of electric vehicles|Car Prophet

Toyota made bZs into bZs, and at the same time introduced new partners in China for co-creation and R&D, changing from “turning around alone” to “win-win cooperation”. This is Toyota’s new thinking, and it is also an important force to promote Toyota’s accelerated development of electrification.

In response to the electrification of traditional car companies, some people say that “the ship is difficult to turn around”, but there is also a saying that “the ship is big and not afraid of high waves”. With their unparalleled solid background, big-name car companies can deal with new challenges more calmly. As long as they dare to make breakthroughs, they will be unstoppable once they turn around. And Toyota’s electrification is exactly that.

On October 24th, as Toyota Motor China released the second product of the bZ pure electric exclusive series – bZ3, the entire automobile industry saw Toyota’s historic breakthrough in the era of electric vehicles, and also felt the tradition from Toyota. Hopes for automakers to transition in the electric vehicle market.

As the leader of global traditional auto companies, Toyota’s electrification technology is not too late, even earlier than most car companies. In order to continue to lead the industry market in the electric vehicle era, Toyota’s electrification speed is accelerating and its development model has also achieved innovation.

At this conference, Toyota unveiled three pure electric models at the same time, including bZ4X, bZ3 and the upcoming third model of bZ, making bZ into bZs; at the same time, it introduced new partners in China for co-creation and research and development. From “turning around alone” to “cooperation and win-win”. This is Toyota’s new thinking, and it is also an important force to promote Toyota’s accelerated development of electrification.

丨Proactively launching new products, bZ3 is coming to the market

More than a year ago, Toyota launched the bZ4X, the first model of the bZ pure electric exclusive series, which opened an important step for this traditional car company in the pure electric vehicle market. Today, with the arrival of the bZ3 model based on the e-TNGA platform, Toyota’s lineup in the electric vehicle market has once again expanded to meet the choice needs of different consumers.

At present, there are endless products in China’s electric vehicle market. In contrast, the development of bZ3 seems to have taken longer than ordinary products. But as Toyota’s second bZ model, the bZ3 is also the first sedan in the series. From the perspective of strategic transformation and product technology, Toyota has integrated more surprises into this product.

Inside Toyota, they prefer to define the bZ3 as an all-round competitive product. Because this is a model that Toyota broke with tradition and jointly developed with BYD and FAW Toyota. From a brand perspective, bZ3 itself has many advantages of these three large auto companies in manufacturing, power technology, design and development, and is a master of automotive products.

In terms of product strength, bZ3 adopts an electric system based on BYD lithium iron phosphate battery, combined with Toyota’s electrification technology and experience, bZ3 can achieve a maximum cruising range of more than 600 kilometers. At the same time, based on Toyota’s long-standing high-quality and high-reliability features, the bZ3 was developed with the goal of “maintaining more than 90% of the battery capacity after 10 years”. For Chinese consumers, such a bZ3 has already met most of the needs in terms of battery life and usability.

The bZ3 is in line with the development trend of electrification, but it is still essentially a vehicle to meet the driving and riding needs of users. From this point of view, the bZ3 based on Toyota e-TNGA has a low center of gravity and stable operation, and has been repeatedly designed and tuned in terms of driving, deceleration, steering and other driving characteristics, allowing drivers to continue to enjoy the driving fun of electric vehicles .

In addition, in order to meet consumers’ current demand for intelligent applications, the bZ3 is equipped with more than ten intelligent driving assistance functions. Compared with the stacking of intelligent configuration of other electric vehicles, Toyota pays more attention to the effective integration of comfort and technology configuration, so that technology can serve people. In Toyota’s view, the bZ3 can allow drivers and their families to easily enjoy the car time, but it is also the essence of a Toyota car.

丨From bZ3 to see Toyota’s determination to develop electrification

Among global automakers, Toyota has always been a pioneer and explorer in electrification. Even in today’s rapid development of electrification technology, Toyota is still ahead of most car brands. Facing the future, the team of bZ electrified exclusive series will be even larger.

As an important part of Toyota’s electrification process, every step of the bZ series will affect the implementation of this strategy. According to relevant plans, the bZ pure electric exclusive series plans to expand to 7 products in the future. Meanwhile, by 2025, Toyota will launch 15 EV models globally. Based on different pure electric vehicle product types, Toyota will gradually accelerate the transition to electrification.

In addition, Toyota’s electrification development layout has never stopped in other areas. Toyota has previously stated that electrification is not only to expand the lineup of electric vehicles, but also to cooperate with different companies in an open attitude, and to build costs, channels, etc. on the basis of enhancing electrification technology. electrification process.

In Toyota’s strategic planning, the establishment of a battery system is an important move for product electrification. In order to reduce the price of products and accelerate the popularization of electric vehicles, Toyota will reduce the cost of power batteries for new energy vehicles in the future by 50% through the integrated research and development of platforms and batteries. At the same time, Toyota is currently developing all-solid-state batteries with high power, long cruising range and short charging time to accelerate the technological improvement of pure electric vehicles.

In addition, China is the fastest growing and most advanced market for electric vehicles. Through the R&D and design of bZ3 this time, Toyota has also seen the technical advantages of Chinese auto companies in the cooperation with FAW Toyota and BYD. Based on the development model of learning from each other’s strengths and complementing their weaknesses, Toyota has given bZ3 more value and experience. In addition to this cooperation, it also reflects Toyota’s determination to develop electrification in China.

丨 Toyota is also synonymous with high-quality electric vehicles

There was a saying, “Where there is a road, there must be a Toyota car”, which shows Toyota’s development position in the market as a global mainstream automobile company. As we all know, behind Toyota’s strength is more than 80 years of car manufacturing experience, and it is also the confidence that it continues to provide consumers with high-quality classic models.

Entering the era of electric vehicles, Toyota’s pure electric vehicles are being launched one after another, which will continue to show the market and the industry that Toyota is also synonymous with high-quality electric vehicles.

In the past 20 years of development, Toyota’s electric technology has undergone four generations of upgrades, and the global sales of hybrid models have exceeded 20 million. There has not been a single safety accident such as leakage or explosion caused by batteries. Today, under the support of the e-TNGA pure electric architecture, Toyota will continue to create higher-standard electric vehicle products.

e-TNGA not only greatly shortens the development time and reduces development costs, but also enables Toyota electric models to create a variety of electric models on the basis of ensuring high product quality to meet the individual needs of each consumer. Previously, Toyota products based on TNGA have achieved good response in the Chinese market, and e-TNGA is a pure electric version of Toyota’s TNGA architecture, which means that it can also achieve higher configuration and quality of pure electric products.

From the perspective of Toyota, it must choose to transform in the electrified environment, but the most important thing is that no matter what era it is based on, Toyota should use its advantages in technology, brand and other aspects to produce stable and reliable automotive products , creating new vehicle heights in the electrified market.