Frisbee sports cause controversy: advocate “sweating”, but please also make less “father-like” trials

□Chen Yurou (Central South University)

Since the first half of this year, the Frisbee sport has quickly become popular due to its strong sociality, freshness and low threshold. In first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, many specialized Frisbee clubs have sprung up. This niche sport has become a leisure and recreational sport choice for many young people after work and study.

But since the sport of Frisbee appeared in the public eye, it has been controversial. Some netizens said that in the absence of football fields and green fields, the appearance of Frisbee sports undoubtedly occupied their sports space. In addition, many people think that these girls wearing tight yoga pants and wearing light makeup or heavy clothes are really here to exercise? I’m afraid the purpose is not pure enough. In recent months, such topics as “site crowding theory” and “frisbee yuan theory” have sparked extensive discussions among netizens.

The author believes that it is nonsense to claim that Frisbee has crowded out sports fields such as football. If most of the frisbee clubs on the market want to organize a frisbee game, they will generally reserve a venue from the football stadium according to the formal process, and spend money on the field. Many frisbee clubs in China even have special signing venues. In this way, where does the space occupation come from? After all, everyone has the right to consume, and citizens can use it as long as they spend money, whether it is for football, Frisbee, or other sports.

The dispute over “Flying Panyuan” is still hot. Many people oppose the socialization of sports, insist that any sports should have the purpose of “sweating profusely”, and accuse those who come to sports with so-called “intentions”. At the same time, there are also netizens who hold opposing views, saying that whether the Frisbee Bureau is formed for sports or social interaction, it is the freedom of others and should not be interfered by any outside world.

In fact, there is no right or wrong between these two views, and it may be more of a collision of values. The former prioritizes “sweating” as the value ranking of sports, while the latter may pay more attention to the social attributes of sports. But the latter may have taken too much blame in this dispute, which is not clearly defined by right and wrong. Some netizens started to criticize female players who attended with heavy makeup or manicures, and gradually evolved into a “crusade” against the majority of women who posted relevant personal photos on social platforms.

“She didn’t sweat, she must be posing” “Who looks so good when exercising?” “I think she is dressed like this to catch up with the ‘next game'”… There are many such “Jianyuan” on the Internet speech. Statements such as “This leg muscle is indeed for exercise, don’t scold it” and other speeches also impose an invisible threshold on sports. Is there a muscle line with training traces? Is it a criterion for judging the purity of a person’s exercise? The author disagrees. Many girls who participate in Frisbee sports even become worried when they share a normal photo.

Of course, there are very few behaviors such as showing their chests, showing indecent poses, and being suspected of “wiping the edge”, which are not worthy of promotion in any case. But for most of the other female players who came to set up a frisbee game, even if they were wearing tight sports clothes or wearing makeup, as long as they were within the scope of “decency”, they should not be “scolded” by anyone. In addition, many beautiful photos are actually from the photographers assigned by each Frisbee club, and the good-looking photos captured are mostly for publicity. To put it 10,000 steps back, even post-exercise posing won’t have any effect on other people who want to “sweat profusely”. There are many empty “Jianyuan” remarks on the Internet, which seems to be a little catchy. The circulation of “sports beauty photos” may need to be less careful.

As a niche sport, it may take some time before Frisbee is more widely accepted. But there is no doubt that the sport itself is innocuous, and there are no age and gender thresholds. Even many primary and secondary schools in China have begun to organize teachers and students to set up Frisbee bureaus to cultivate children’s agility and team coordination.

As for the two major controversies mentioned above, the author believes that: Lv Ying Yuan will always welcome people who love sports, but while advocating “blood sweat”, please don’t build a ladder of moral commanding heights in the name of “love” Disregard the right of others to freely choose. Let the sport of Frisbee be less of a “father-like” trial.