French high-priced mansions are popular in fashion circles! A chair costs 14 million: the air is soaring…

Although there is still some time before the end of 2022, if nothing else, the most prestigious residence in the fashion circle this year has already been decided.

Vogue describes the residence: “The fashion world prides itself on being invited to her home.”

Almost everyone who has visited here also regards it as a “dream home”.

It is dazzling and beautiful like a palace, but it is not the palace of any royal family, but the residence of Hubert d’Ornano and his wife Isabelle, the founder of the noble ladies’ skin care brand Sisley, in Paris.

When it comes to Sisley, many people may think of the lotion that it sells for 1,800 yuan.

In fact, behind the “Ladies Brand”, there is a low-key and timeless love story that spreads in the European celebrity circle.

The beginning of the story goes back to 1955.

A 17-year-old girl named Isabelle, ran from Oxford to Paris for vacation at her uncle’s house.

At a party hosted by her aunt, she met Hubert d’Ornano, a handsome 28-year-old young man.

At first glance, it looks like a very ordinary encounter, but the girl is not an ordinary girl.

Isabelle is actually a descendant of the Queen of Poland. Although she has been away from home since birth because of the war, she has always been proud of her “Polish” identity.

Coincidentally, young people are not ordinary men either.

Hubert’s grandmother is Napoleon’s love, and his father is the co-founder of Lancome. He even founded a perfume and skin care brand with his brother. He is a very business-minded earl.

It’s a bit interesting to be in the right match. The problem is that this is not a blind date, but sometimes fate is really wonderful.

Since Hubert grew up in Poland, and the female elders are all Polish, he fell in love with this country for ten minutes.

As soon as he met Isabelle, and when he heard the other person calling himself “Polish” when he said hello, the radar beeped instantly, and the thunder immediately set fire to the ground…

No wonder!

The truth is that for many years after that, Hubert would send a letter to Isabelle every Christmas, and every time he passed through London, he would also visit her house, and Isabelle was often teased by her sisters because of this.

But he was still a “happy bachelor”.

It wasn’t until Christmas of the eighth year they met that Isabelle suddenly told Hubert that she was going to work at the US embassy for a year or two.

This unexpected news finally broke Hubert’s mind. He was afraid that the other party had already left, and after two days of preparation, he immediately proposed to Isabelle.

Fortunately, in the end, Hubert was lucky enough to marry a beautiful woman.

The situation at the time of the marriage has also become an unforgettable memory for Hubert.

He will always remember that day, Isabelle in a white wedding dress was graceful and beautiful;

In their 51 years of marriage, Isabelle also impressed Hubert time and time again.

She speaks four languages ​​and has a good taste in life. She not only keeps the house in good order, but is also the best partner for him to start a business.

Also in Isabelle’s eyes, even if Hubert has a general belly, he is a smart and beautiful man.

Adoring each other and having the same three views, this famous couple who know each other and accompany each other write the most perfect chapter in their life with the love that grows together forever.

They also left this mark in the house where they lived.

Seeing the first sight of Paris’s Quai d’Orsay apartment, countless visitors couldn’t help but be fascinated by this Versailles palace-like room.

In this famous Paris apartment, Hubert and Isabelle raised five children, and they often have private dinners with people for business.

Together with Isabelle, it was the French interior designer Henri Samuel who confirmed the entire home design scheme.

He was invited by former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy to renovate the White House, and even consulted him on the renovation of Versailles.

The apartment built by him has naturally become a luxurious banquet venue.

The public area in the apartment is clearly divided into three spaces : the entrance gallery , the salon and the living room , and the dining room.

The biggest and most luxurious is the salon parlor .

Someone once said that the first impression of coming here: “I thought I had entered the magical world” .

Whether it is the elegant and retro overall arrangement , or the snails on the wall with the size of a human head , it is amazing.

Taking the living room as the center, and going further inside is a dining room with flowers that are becoming more and more charming .

High vaulted ceilings, delicate and ornate cornices… all bring people to the old French court .

Outside the living room door, is the entrance gallery in brown tones .

As soon as each visitor enters the door, they will see paintings and swords hanging on the walls telling the family history .

The shroud of golden light highlights the magnificence of this place .

“Exquisiteness” is undoubtedly the word that everyone will think of when they see these three rooms.

Especially when you have the details of the furniture inside, you can’t help but take a deep breath:

A 17th-century wall clock hangs on the wall, and an 18th-century porcelain urn “guards the gate”;

The lamb decoration in the corner is priced at over 15,300 euros (equivalent to over 108,382 yuan);

The bronze crocodile chair placed by the window is worth 2 million US dollars (equivalent to over 14.48 million yuan)…

Visitors who have been there several times have also revealed that a batch of home furnishings will be changed every once in a while, just like a small art gallery that is refreshed regularly.

But Isabelle is not superstitious about the works of famous artists. Many of her collections are favorites brought back from a trip with Hubert.

Therefore, the art style in the apartment is actually very mixed, but under the cover of the same wallpaper and carpet in the Louvre, it still looks harmonious.

In addition, the family photos interspersed everywhere also make the three rooms break away from the feeling of pure treasures.

There are also many hand-embroidered cushions on the sofa chair, which also make the cool and gorgeous space look more comfortable.

The cushions are actually all by Isabelle. She doesn’t watch TV or movies, and uses this hobby to decorate her house with a different kind of warmth.

This villa near the Loire Valley looks unremarkable from the outside.

Although the surrounding scenery is worthy of its reputation as a “French Garden”, the building looks nothing like a noble residence at first glance.

Its interior decoration, rather than “gorgeous” such adjectives, it is undoubtedly more appropriate to describe it with “relaxed and soft”.

In fact, this is the suburban home that the Hubert and Isabelle family use for vacations and entertaining family and friends.

It can also be seen from the sisal carpet in the living room, the rustic beams and doors and windows, that the whole home decoration style is more approachable.

Large areas of glass are used to bring in plenty of natural light.

Even if you stay indoors, you can comfortably enjoy the sun bath.

Sitting in the woven furniture with ventilation and heat dissipation, you will only feel cool and will not be sultry and sweaty.

Through the glass, you can also enjoy the outdoor natural scenery.

Simple, but does not delay enjoyment; rough, but you can see the intention.

It is no wonder that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who are known for their luxury and luxury, will come to them for vacation. This is a true portrayal of the quiet time.

I have introduced two mansions of the French beauty giant in succession. Maybe some people have already wanted to imitate Isabelle and turn their home into a more “self” space.

Xiao IN also collected some home improvement suggestions provided by the Countess, which can be used as a reference for you:

1. Use personal photos to create a sense of atmosphere

Isabelle, in her 80s, doesn’t know how to look up pictures of her children and grandchildren on her phone, so she created a perfect “historical space” for herself in both residences.

In fact, for those who don’t look back on their mobile phone albums much, the physical display of photos will indeed remind you to cherish life more than keeping them in your phone.

2. Look up

“The ceiling is often an overlooked decorative area.”

Take Isabelle’s London home, for example, where she designed the ceiling to look like a drawing board, clearly making the home stand out from the myriad of homogeneous arrangements and look more artistic.

3. Show some personality

In the years when ins has exploded, when we talk about the use of text elements in home decoration, most people may think of neon phrase lights.

But for the countess, who also likes words, embroidered cushions are also a convenient tool for expressing personality.

She has demonstrated with two very different homes that “there is no room that is not suitable for DIY”.

4. Add a little animal pattern

As a fan of extreme styles, Isabelle believes that in a room with a very rich sense of layers, adding some decorations of different styles is not to add confusion, but to provide a place to rest for the eyes.

And fashion is a circle, and animal prints are popular every few years, so there is no need to worry about being out of breath.

The above 4 points are just some decoration tips that Isabelle has come up with in her long life. If you look at it together with the most important two sentences, it may make everyone feel more emotional:

“While having a beautiful home is still about ‘money’, it’s not always about money, it’s how you ‘live’ in your home.

“Your decor should come from the way you live, not live for it; it must live for you.”

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