Four-wheel drive is more intelligent, Volvo XC60 will take you to feel the plateau sky

“Life must be married, or life must be driven”

Despite the self-deprecating sticker “You will marry after rear-end collision” on the rear of the car, Xiao Liu was still very anxious. From “other people’s children” to “workplace Mulan”, she has always been hailed as “excellent”, but only in the matter of marriage, she dragged her peers back.

After another “kind greeting” from relatives, she began to think about the meaning of “must be married in life”.

Is there a perfect answer in life?

Maybe it’s perfect to get into a famous school with high scores in the exam, to be successful all the way in the workplace, maybe it’s perfect to marry a virtuous son-in-law, maybe it’s perfect to marry a wife and teach children, but people too pursue perfect answers and often miss a lot of really important things.

When she saw the slogan “318 must drive in life” by chance, she decided to pursue the answer she wanted with a spiritual journey.

Her partner is a Volvo XC60.

Powerful four-wheel drive performance makes you feel more secure

“There is a sense of security only when the other half is there” – although he thinks that he has never lacked a sense of security, one of the reasons why Xiao Liu was urged is to have a sense of security. Clearly, she doesn’t think it’s necessary to gain a sense of security this way.

Glaciers, boundless rivers, grasslands, dangerous roads near mountains and complex and changeable plateau climates – National Road 318 leading to Lhasa, the legendary Sichuan-Tibet line, may be the most insecure road. However, with the Volvo XC60, you don’t need to get a sense of security from others.

When dealing with complex and dangerous road conditions, the first thing people think of is four-wheel drive performance. The sixth-generation BorgWarner four-wheel drive system equipped on the XC60 adopts open differentials at the front and rear, and a central multi-plate clutch type limited-slip differential, which can reasonably distribute the power to the front and rear axles.

Before the start of Xiao Liu’s journey, I heard that the road conditions are quite complicated, but I don’t feel that it is difficult to drive. The key is that the four-wheel drive system of the XC60 can automatically judge the road conditions and transmit the most reasonable power to the rear wheels, especially in the wetlands. , On mountain roads with many curves, even if only one wheel has grip, the vehicle will not lose power.

On National Highway 318, the most common danger is the sudden falling of rolling stones. On the road from Batang to Mangkang Canyon, Xiao Liu was terrified when he drove through a landslide just a few days ago. In fact, she doesn’t need to be so nervous. The Volvo XC60 is equipped with an electronically controlled braking system as standard, and the response time only takes 0.15 seconds. In other words, when you find danger, the XC60 is already ensuring your safety.

The 29% high-strength boron steel cage-type safety body, the intelligent all-round airbag protection system, and the newly added laminated safety glass make the Volvo XC60 “tank-level” protection. With such a partner, Xiao Liu feels full of security.

Strong power and low fuel consumption, the plateau can also be calm

Anyone who has had driving experience in plateaus knows that when a vehicle is driven on plateaus, its power will be significantly attenuated. This is because the plateau atmosphere is thin and the engine will not burn enough.

However, Xiao Liu did not encounter such a problem. Even when she drove through the highest point of National Highway 318, the Gyatso La Pass, which is 5,248 meters above sea level, she did not feel the lack of power. Because the XC60 she drives is equipped with the RECHARGE T8 plug-in hybrid system, the system has a maximum power of 335kw and a maximum torque of 709N m. The most intuitive power data is that it only takes 5.0 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers.

The reason why it can keep the power strong on the plateau is that the electric drive of this power system cooperates well with the engine, the power output is calm and smooth, and the throttle response is positive. And its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 2.93 liters, which truly achieves strong power and low fuel consumption.

In the complicated road conditions, Xiao Liu did not feel very tired. In addition to the ergonomic seat, which fits comfortably and does not get tired after sitting for a long time, the Volvo XC60 is equipped with a 4C adaptive chassis and the only air suspension in its class (optional). ), scan the road conditions 500 times per second, and the vehicle height can be adjusted automatically. This minimizes road bumps and reduces the impact of rough surfaces on ride comfort.

The interconnected ecology combines both soft and hard, making the journey better

While the journey of the mind on the go is pleasant, long-distance driving can inevitably feel monotonous. Xiao Liu is not worried about this, because the newly upgraded human-computer interaction system of the Volvo XC60 is enough to make her feel good on the road.

This car-machine system with embedded Intel car-grade quad-core CPU chip supports the standard 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel + 9-inch central touch screen. Fei intelligent speech recognition system, natural semantic understanding, more real dialogue.

For example, Xiao Liu once asked the local people about interesting places when he was resting, but Xiao Liu, who spoke in dialect, did not understand very well. Who knew that Xiao Liu used the same tone to speak to the car system, and the system could recognize it and let her know. Tsk amazed.

It is worth mentioning that the XC60 comes with a Gaode map, which is highly customized, so the fluency and update speed are excellent. It also supports real-time traffic display and 3D real-time navigation. Seeing the ups and downs of the real scene navigation on the big screen of the central control added a little fun to Xiao Liu’s 318 trip.

Write at the end :

A trip that says go and go, this “must drive in life” makes Xiao Liu realize another layer of meaning – it is better to feel the road instead of hurrying.

Maybe other people have different definitions of happiness from their own, but everyone has the other side in their hearts, and everyone is struggling to make their way to the other side they think.

Instead of arguing about what happiness is, it’s better to feel every path you walk, those who accompany you and the scenery you’ve seen may be the true meaning of life.

And with powerful four-wheel drive performance, intelligent and safe Volvo XC60 is your good partner.