Four “two yang” patients’ self-reported infection experience|Face

Photo courtesy of Elephant News reporter Li Chang interviewee

Recently, many people have found that in their circle of friends, some people have exposed the “two stripes” of antigen reagents one after another. Only then did people realize that the new coronavirus is still lurking in life.

How did the “two yang” get tricked, and whether the symptoms were relieved compared with “one yang”… With these questions in mind, the Daxiang News reporter found a few people who were tricked by the “two yang” and chatted with them. The following are them narration.

Here’s what they said:

Mu Qiqi media person Zhengzhou

There are traces of my infection with the new crown, which was the trick I caught when I participated in the Yuntai Mountain Music Festival last Saturday, May 20.

I arrived at the music festival at 2:30 that afternoon and was surrounded by crowds of people for eight and a half hours until I left at 11:00 pm. Not to mention, the temperature dropped sharply that day, and there was a “heavy rain” at 10:30 in the evening. Although some people distributed raincoats at the scene, I still saw some girls in cool clothes shivering from the cold. Later, I learned from the WeChat group of the music festival that many people developed a fever that night after being exposed to the rain.

I was also very normal the next day, and I was secretly glad that I was wearing a more “healthy” outfit at the music festival-a jacket. Unexpectedly, on the third day, that is, on the 22nd, my throat started to hurt. Since I had no other symptoms, I still went to and from get off work normally that day. But I searched for the entry “Yuntai Shanyang” on Xiaohongshu and Douyin, and found that many people left messages saying that they had been recruited, and I felt bad.

Sure enough, after waking up on the morning of the 23rd, both sides of my waist hurt as if I had been sprained. When I tested the antigen, it was positive.

Mu Qiqi’s sick selfie

Immediately, I asked for sick leave from my unit to recuperate at home. I was listless for the whole day, because it was “two yang”, I learned from the experience of the first infection, and started to drink water and anti-viral oral liquid crazily.

As far as I am concerned, Eryang is much more “friendly” than the first infection, and the symptoms are not as severe as the common cold. Recalling the first time I was infected, I had a fever for more than three days, the highest fever was 40 degrees, and I was already burned and confused. But now, not only can I take care of myself, but also my mood and physical fitness take the opportunity to catch up with a drama. In addition, the “Eryang” virus seems to help digestion. Not only did I not lose my appetite for two whole days, but I ate a lot more snacks than usual, which is also very surprising.

I was the first “two Yang” in our department. After everyone heard about it, they just joked a few words, and didn’t “turn pale”. I have a friend who went to work normally after Yang Liao informed the unit, and I feel that everyone’s attitude towards the new crown has calmed down. The parents who lived with me did not adopt a quarantine policy for me, and they also ate together, but I would take the initiative to take a plate and share meals. Yes, there is no actual protective effect, just to make sense of it!

Random shots at the Mu Qiqi Music Festival

My take on secondary infection is that the virus attacks the weaker parts of the body. You see, I participated in the music festival, stood for eight hours, and kept shouting at the top of my throat. The psoas muscles and throat are more tired, so these two parts are especially uncomfortable after being “yang”!

Li Xiaoyan Accountant Guiyang

I belong to the group of people who were “checked for leaks and made up for vacancies” by the virus when the “two yangs” came, and finally became one yang. However, I immediately experienced what it means to be sick like a mountain.

Our company has been so busy recently that I have to go to the company and the dormitory every day. In my impression, before I was infected with the new crown, I went out for two meals.

Maybe there were other symptoms before, but I ignored them. So my experience is that the fever “exploded” on the 11th.

Li Xiaoyan undergoes a blood test at the hospital

That day, my body temperature was 37 degrees in the afternoon and 39 degrees in the evening, so I gave up resistance and went directly to the community clinic. The doctor prescribed three tests for antigen, A-flu and blood, but they failed, so he prescribed cefuroxime for me to infuse.

However, until the 14th, I still had a high fever despite the infusion, and I also developed symptoms of diarrhea. I panicked and rushed to the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University. There were many people in the fever clinic. I tested again for antigen and it was positive.

This time, the attack was different from the usual fever. There was no muscle soreness, and the fever went up directly. And the infusion was accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath and hypotension, so I was doing nebulization while infusion like a seriously ill patient.

After the onset of symptoms, I lost fluids for 8 days in a row and did not stop until the 19th became cloudy. But the symptoms did not go away, maybe because of the drug dependence, I felt especially uncomfortable the next day after stopping the drug, and it was difficult to go up two floors.

Symptoms after turning negative include but are not limited to rapid heartbeat, loss of taste and smell, weakness, and occasional hand tremors. This may be the so-called sequelae of the new crown, but fortunately, they are slowly recovering.

To this day, I still work in the dormitory, because colleagues in the same department of our unit are planning to conceive, and some children are about to take the college entrance examination. I am afraid that it will affect them, so I communicate with the unit and work online.

After my family members heard about my situation, they severely criticized me, saying that I should report in time what happened to me when I was away from home, and that I could not handle it by myself. I seriously self-criticized and said that in the future when I became “two yang”, I would learn from monkeys and rush to rescue soldiers.

Liu Lei Inspector Beijing

As the first group of people around me to be infected with the new crown, I have never figured out how to get infected again. Before being “acquired”, I went to work and went home normally every day, and no one around me was infected. My commuting tool was still riding a motorcycle, so it was very puzzling.

My symptoms appeared as early as the 18th, and my throat was a little uncomfortable. However, I started to have a fever during the day the next day, with a body temperature of 38 degrees, nasal discharge and cough. It happened to be raining in Beijing that day, so I actually felt cold during the day, that kind of state of cold on the outside and hot on the inside. The surface of my body was cold to the touch, but it seemed like a fire was burning inside. At night, it directly soared to 39 degrees.

Liu Lei’s selfie at home

To be honest, I haven’t had a fever for several years. I have the impression that taking medicine can reduce the fever in the past, but this time it is obviously more repeated. After taking ibuprofen and 999 heat-clearing and anti-viral syrup, I had repeated fever for three days and had a runny nose for one day.

After resting for a weekend, I still feel a little uncomfortable, so I simply asked for two more days of personal leave. After all, if we go to work with a cough, we will feel some psychological pressure if others don’t say anything. In the past two days, my body has gradually recovered, but I will still wear a mask and take good protection. After all, I still feel uncomfortable when I am sick!

Ma Yangyang Designer Zhengzhou

My infection was related to my annual leave.

After the May Day holiday, I extended my annual leave directly, so I have been “cruising” around the country for half a month, going to Beijing, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, and Wenzhou——I have stayed in Wenzhou for 4 days now, and I am here Get down.

After I arrived in Wenzhou on the 22nd, I started to have a runny nose and a little cough. I thought it was an occasional cold during the trip, so I didn’t care too much. Unexpectedly, the symptoms became more serious at night, from runny nose to stuffy nose, and I couldn’t sleep because of the congestion at night, so I had to breathe through my mouth. When I woke up in the morning, I found that my throat was also hoarse, and there was a dull pain in coughing and swallowing.

Ma Yangyang’s medicine

When I started to have a headache in the afternoon, it was a dull pain on the forehead, not serious, but it affected my mood. At the same time, there was also a low-grade fever, 37.5 degrees. After taking the temperature, I realized that I might be positive, and the antigen test turned out to be true.

I hurried back to visit my friends who had entertained me in previous travel destinations, and everyone was fine. In the evening, I posted a circle of friends with two lines of antigen, and the accompanying text was just one word: ah? This has also become my circle of friends with the highest number of replies recently, and everyone’s replies are: ah! Part of it is expressing that I can’t believe that I have become Eryang so soon, and the other part is comforting me. But no one asked about the symptoms nervously, and it can be seen that everyone didn’t pay much attention to this matter.

My personal experience is that the symptoms of the second infection are indeed much milder than the first infection. If I was in “Yiyang”, I would not be able to accept interviews. My throat was razor sharp, my whole body hurt, and I was dizzy, just in a state where I couldn’t do other things. This time, at least I can think about what local specialties I want to eat in Wenzhou while fighting the virus.

Editor in charge: Wang Lei