Four black technologies! Bosideng opens a new era of comfortable outdoor

This winter is expected to be another cold winter

The World Meteorological Organization predicts that the La Niña phenomenon that started in 2020 will continue until the end of 2022. This will be the first “triple” La Niña phenomenon in the 21st century, so the winter of 2022 to 2023 will be particularly cold.

During the National Day, everyone should have experienced. Many places in our country have experienced a cliff-like cooling. Some cities in the south have experienced a temperature drop of more than 20 degrees. You are still wearing short sleeves the day before, and you may wear down jackets the next day.

For someone like me who is very afraid of cold but often travels outdoors, it is time to put on a windproof, rainproof, warm and comfortable outdoor down jacket .


outdoor down jacket

All expensive and ugly and difficult to wear?

When it comes to outdoor down jackets, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the popular clothes in various extreme sports photos. In terms of functionality and warmth, these hardcore outdoor down jackets naturally have nothing to say, but their shortcomings are also obvious:

The colors are too bright and it’s weird to wear them everyday

Low cost performance, low upper body rate

The most important thing is that the clothes are too bulky, rigid, and very uncomfortable. After wearing them for a few steps, you will be exhausted and out of breath. If you want to turn around, you will have to waste your strength. “sound.

For the vast majority of people, after all, they are not professional donkey friends, and they do not need the kind of outdoor down jackets that are designed for extreme environments, especially hard-core, and can only be worn a few times a year.

What everyone needs is an outdoor down jacket that is comfortable to wear in addition to the basic functions of “all-weather warmth and weatherproofing” in the daily outdoor in autumn and winter.

And such outdoor down jackets, only Bosideng comfortable outdoor series down jackets, which pioneered four comfortable technologies and won five international awards, can do it!

In the global design world, Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series of down jackets, which are recognized as the three top design awards, won two awards: the Red Dot Award and the American IDEA Award.

From the 30 countries shortlisted for the IDEA Design Award, a total of more than 2,200 works stood out, and the global award rate is less than 10%. The clothing products that have won the Red Dot Award over the years are only single digits.

(Gu Ailing joins hands with Bosideng to interpret comfortable outdoor)

At the same time, Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series of down jackets also won the ISPO Double Crown Award, the American Muse Design Award and the Italian A Award.

ISPO is one of the most authoritative top awards in the international outdoor field, and is known as the “Oscar in the sports industry”.

The Bosideng brand has won the ISPO Award for many times. In addition to winning the ISPO Global Design Award this time, it also won the ISPO Textrends Award for its apparel fabrics.

(five international awards)

There may be luck in one or two awards, but five international awards can only prove the innovative value of Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series down jackets in the outdoor field, the technological value and practical value of craftsmanship and materials.

The reason is that the four comfortable technologies pioneered by Bosideng solve the problems of hard-core outdoor discomfort and discomfort, and it is a subversive creation in the industry.


Four comfort technologies of Bosideng

Let the hardcore outdoor down jacket be far behind

①The first lightweight core technology, precise warmth on demand, light and warm, more comfortable

22% lighter at just 571 grams

(The first lightweight core technology)

Studies have shown that there are cold-sensitive areas and heat-sensitive areas in human skin, and different parts have different sensitivity to heat in the state of rest and movement.

Usually the heat sensitivity is the lowest, and the most vulnerable parts are distributed in the front abdominal trunk, front chest, back waist and top of the head, which is called the core warm zone;

The secondary is the shoulders and both sides of the waist;

The forearm and armpit are relatively less sensitive to cold.

Some down jackets may be simply and rudely stuffed with a similar amount of down in various parts of the body. As a result, when the clothes are worn on the body, some places feel very hot, and some places feel that they are not warm enough.

Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series, after 15 months of research on human thermal sensitivity, has overcome the problem of balancing warmth and comfort in different states of standing and exercise.

Through the down core structure, it not only reduces the weight of the clothing, but also manages the thermal area dynamically and modularly:

In the core warm area that is prone to cold, the high-bulk down filling method is used to prevent cold and keep warm. In the selection of other parts of the human body that are not easy to lose temperature, the cooling strength and breathability are strengthened, so as to achieve the purpose of overall wearing comfort.

(Wrong cell filling process)

It sounds simple, but it is actually quite difficult to achieve. People of different body types and genders have different needs. Bosideng also developed three major technologies to achieve the comfort goal.

Take “core bonding process” as an example

It is designed for hot and cold sensitive areas of different genders

The process adopts the “manual positioning” method

Position the fleece bag in the core warm area of ​​the body for the first round of fixation

Then use the laser to cut the 3D three-dimensional silver film

Secondary reinforcement along the outer edge of the fleece bag

This process structure can not only firmly fix the fleece-filled layer on the face cloth, but also strengthen the warmth of the cold parts.

(Fleece bonding process)

The realization of this process has many challenges. In the whole process exploration stage in the early stage, after 200 days of testing of equipment and materials, more than 800 repeated adjustments, it is necessary to take into account and consider various conditions.

The final product needs to be produced by craftsmen with more than 10 years of production experience, and the production time is 2.5 times that of ordinary down liner.

② Independent research and development of Bo-tech fabrics

Light, soft, elastic, breathable

Soft elasticity up to 29.2%

Highly breathable lining exceeds 900% in the industry

(Bo-tech fabric)

Hardcore outdoor down jacket, because the fabric is too hard

It feels rough to the touch and makes a rattling noise when walking

And it is very troublesome to fold and carry

In response to this pain point, Bosideng independently developed Bo-tech fabrics. Through three-layer composite fabrics, while satisfying the high-performance outdoor experience, it also made a breakthrough to achieve the comfort goal of “soft, elastic and breathable”.

The surface layer adopts air spinning process

The special fibers are highly rotated and condensed into yarn by air flow

(Surface Air Spinning Process)

The middle layer is a porous structure membrane with high permeability and water pressure resistance

Membrane pore size is smaller than water molecules

This allows water vapor to penetrate the membrane pores while waterproofing

Resistant to rain on the outside, can quickly dissipate excess water vapor inside

(Interlayer Porous Structure Membrane)

The inner layer is 15D knitted floating yarn structure and weighs only 38 grams

equivalent to the weight of a jelly

Not only lighter and more comfortable

At the same time, it can provide comfortable extensibility when the human body is stretched.

You can stretch whatever you want

In addition, in order to maintain a better comfortable experience, Bosideng is designed according to the thermal management of different regions of the human body, and uses high-performance dotted jacquard lining in some secondary thermal areas to bring better breathability and moisture permeability, so that it can be worn for a long time. Comfortable experience.

(Highly breathable dotted jacquard lining)

I believe that many people have experienced the feeling of sweating on their backs after exercising in winter, because the thick clothes are not breathable, which is really painful. Switching to the Bosideng Comfortable Outdoor Series Down Jacket can avoid these problems well.

③The global limited selection of Haldobagy white goose down

95% cashmere content, 900 bulkiness

Higher than 5A standard

There are two core standards for determining the thermal insulation coefficient of down jackets

Down and down content and down bulkiness

The higher the down content and bulkiness, the better the warmth retention.

According to the standard of China Down Industry Association

Down is divided into 5 grades according to bulkiness

One of the best grade 5A, bulkiness 800+

Mostly used in luxury high-end level

Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series of down jackets uses Holdobagy white goose down with a bulkiness of up to 900; the down content is as high as 95%, which is the theoretical limit of down content.

(Holdobage white goose down)

The reason why it can be so excellent is mainly because of the white goose down of Hordobagy , which is produced in the core area of ​​the golden down belt by the Danube River in Hungary at 45 degrees north latitude. High-end quality down on the market.

Zhenyuan further strictly selects, not only the feathers are larger, but the amount of down is more rare. The annual global supply is only about 10 tons, which is one of the best down in the world.

In addition, the experimental test data show that:

The cleanliness of Hordobagy white goose down far exceeds the national standard reference value of 450mm to 1000mm, and the residual grease rate only accounts for 0.5%. The higher the cleanliness, the cleaner, the lower the residual grease rate and the less odor.

High-end craftsmanship and top-quality materials can make top-quality down jackets.

④ “Three-in-one” combination design

Can be worn alone or stacked

One outfit and three outfits are more versatile

(three-in-one display)

What is the experience of wearing one piece of clothing as three pieces? Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series down jackets are suitable for wearing in different scenarios such as outdoor wind, frost, rain and snow.

When the weather is not very cold, you can wear only one coat, which is windproof and rainproof; when indoors, you can wear only the “liner”, which is comfortable and warm; and when you go out in the cold, you can wear two layers. It can withstand the cold of minus 10 degrees at least.

(Bosideng spokesperson Yi Yang Qianxi interprets high quality and comfort)

It is worth noting that Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series down jackets basically use more natural colors such as beige, gray and black, which make people feel more comfortable and are more suitable for commuting or daily wear.

Of course, if you want to wear more variety, you can also choose Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor style, which can easily cope with changes in weather and temperature, and control daily outdoor, commuting, business and other scenes.

(one dress and eight wear styles)

In addition, this comfortable outdoor down jacket also has a black technology “heat and moisture balance”, punching holes on the inner bladder at the front chest and back where sports sweat a lot, so that the moisture can be discharged from the inner bladder through the punching holes and pass through the inner bladder. The airflow generated during exercise extends from the outer layer to the neckline and is discharged from the neckline to maintain the balance of body temperature and humidity and improve overall comfort.

Bosideng’s comfortable outdoor series of down jackets subverts the traditional design concept of hard-core outdoor down jackets, is versatile in multiple scenarios, and truly meets the daily + outdoor needs of the public, providing a new choice for outdoor enthusiasts.



Why is the industry breaker Bosideng?

In my opinion, there are three main reasons:

One is to focus on

Bosideng started in 1976 and has been focusing on down jackets for 46 years. It is sold well in 72 countries including the United States, France, and Italy. Over 200 million people around the world wear Bosideng.

Second, the value

Bosideng adheres to the customer value as the origin, and has led the sales of down jackets in the country for 26 consecutive years, becoming the first brand of down jackets in the minds of consumers.

Third, professional

Looking back on Bosideng’s 46 years of ingenuity in the world’s leading position, through continuous R&D investment, enabling products with technology, leading the continuous transformation of the industry, and becoming a strong Chinese brand leading the global down jacket market.