Forum Review | Oriental Youth’s Chinese Narration in Web3.0

Taking the situation of “integration of the virtual and the real” as the presentation method: the hollowed-out virtual headgear with a sense of aura, the virtual avatar with a personalized atmosphere, and the unique language insights of web3.0, the oriental youth left a deep impression on the audience as soon as they appeared. . With their own works and interpretation of the concept of the metaverse, they show a narrative method unique to Chinese culture and spirit.

3D hyper-realistic virtual anchor – “Kumquat 2049”

If you are a platform user who often uses Douyin, maybe you will know the following 3D hyper-realistic virtual anchor – “Kumquat 2049”. Ta is currently the leading entertainment virtual person in the virtual live broadcast field of the entire network, and has accumulated 85w+ fans on the platform. Cai Feilong, founder of Kumquat 2049 and chief operating officer of Qianju Culture Media, said: “In the future, the team wants to build “Kumquat 2049″ into the next Marvel Universe, hoping to make the characters more full.” And in order to achieve With this vision, the team first needs to have more compelling background stories. He believes that choosing to grow on a video platform such as Douyin, the team’s production creativity is very important, so in the future, the story behind this virtual person will be expanded.

Personal virtual IP image – Metaverse Princess

Another appearance is the founder of “Metaverse Tour Guide”: Metaverse Princess. An NFT digital consultant who uses his personal virtual IP image (Princess Metaverse) as the first launch of the entire network, and is also a media that provides audiences with popular science projects in the Metaverse industry, investment and research digital asset planning, and content services. At the same time, as a creator, she said, this is a performance art that uses the skills of web2.0 to survive in the era of web3.0. How to use oriental youth to show Chinese narrative? Perhaps the answer can be found in her offline space in Beijing’s Erhuan Hutong. In a space full of Chinese elements, Princess Metaverse hopes to use the “DAO” organizational form to combine with traditional Chinese culture, so as to achieve self-mastery without being constrained by external forces. Therefore, she created web3.0 digital content on the Internet centered on the IP image of “Princess Metaverse”, believing that this will attract the same people who have a consensus on this content to voluntarily join the organization of Princess DAO, and work together to Explore a goal to accomplish one thing.

Meitu Xiuxiu x JOANPALAS Create “National Style Virtual Fashion Series”

“I want to ride the wind and go home, but I’m afraid that the heights will be too cold.” The content production of the virtual label JOANPALAS was inspired by Su Shi, a poet in the Song Dynasty. The word “Qionglou” has always had a beautiful and beautiful meaning in Chinese culture. Thinking back to the comfort of the ancients a thousand years ago when they went up to the Qionglou, the oriental youth of today is preserving that beauty in a modern way of conveying. Wan’er said that the purpose of cultural export is to reach the world, and to create some works that also contain Chinese style, but are not completely old or feudal, and can still become a trendy and beautiful fashion symbol today.

D1mension7 “Pushing the Snow to Seek Spring” Series

The expression D1mension7 in Chinese means the seventh dimension, which means the universe has seven dimensions. The brand has been committed to rewriting and creating traditional Chinese elements with contemporary digital media, integrating Chinese traditional culture and spiritual core into the metaverse fashion, and into Chinese web3.0, aiming to break through the limitations of time and space, connect Past and future, convey the mysterious and subtle oriental charm and new Chinese fashion and new fashion. Team member Han Yan said that from Chinese style to new Chinese style, it is not a pile of pure design elements, but a spontaneous sense of identity with traditional culture; another team member, Liu Xiaojiao (Polly), explained the design concept of D1mension7 I hope it can be as eloquent as ancient Chinese poetry.

Chinese traditional culture provides oriental youth with a steady stream of inspirational materials, and their national style works are also receiving good feedback from the market invariably. Exciting and exciting development momentum. Looking forward to seeing you in the next issue and witnessing more new powers of the Metaverse together!

  Written by: Metaverse Business Center

  Editor: Li Dan

  Video: Lightning

  Typesetting: NAN