Fortune prediction based on horoscopes: In 2024, how will your wealth and career be? Will you have money?

After I graduated from college, I wanted to develop my career in other places. Due to my mother’s reasons, I had no choice but to go home and find a job. Fortunately, I was admitted to a local public institution last year. The salary was not high, but the advantage was stability.

As time goes by, I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with my current salary. I always want to live a better life. I have recently started to try investment and financial management, but I have not made much money. Please tell me, teacher, what is my future financial fortune? Am I suitable for investment, financial management, or business?

In addition, since my workplace is far away from my home, I have plans to change jobs and consider applying to other public institutions, but I don’t know if it will succeed. Will there be promotion opportunities in the future? Female, Ding Chou, Guichou, Bing Yin, Ji Chou.

Bu Guangjian replied: Bing fire was born in the Chou month when the moon is not prosperous, and there are many different parties in the situation. Only the Yin Muyin star was born, and the Yin body is undoubtedly weak. It likes wood and fire, and avoids earth, metal and water.

You sit in the Xiao Yin Yong Shen, and before the age of 25, you also performed the Yin Mao Yin Star Universiade, and the Yin Wang Constraint Bureau slandered the official, and last year in Renyin, the zodiac signs were in harmony, so after you graduate from college, you can be admitted to a public institution smoothly. stable job.

However, in the original game, wounded officials are strong, and the Moon Pillar is a combination of wounded officials and defeated officials. This phenomenon reflects that your career is changeable and you are not satisfied with the status quo, which is not conducive to the stability of your career and your promotion. Because the official star represents work, career, leadership, boss, reputation, etc.

There were many injured officials in the original bureau, and you also occupied an important position in the monthly order, which shows that you are a restless person and courageous. You like to be free, do not like a static life, and do not want to be restricted by others. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity, you Want to mess around with something.

In addition, food injuries secretly generate wealth stars. Food injuries also represent desires and dissatisfaction, implying that you have a strong pursuit of money and material things, look down on small money, and always want to get money easily, but you are weak and cannot afford it. It is hard work for the Lord to seek wealth, and money is easy to lose.

Is it suitable to start a business? I think it can. Because the injured officers are too prosperous, and the injured officers in the Moon Pillar inhibit the regular officers, working from 9 to 5 will sooner or later make you feel bored, and you will not get along well with your boss. However, when doing business, it is best to rely on skills, because food injuries represent technology, eloquence, and skills.

But whether it can be successful depends on the combination of Universiade. In other words, even if you are born to do business, if you are lucky enough to be lucky, you cannot take risks to seek wealth. You can only go to work to maintain stability. On the contrary, getting rich in business is a matter of course.

Your current fortune is Bing Chen (from 25 to 35 years old), Bing Fire is as high as the body, and you can make some money on the surface. However, the Chen sign is wet earth and the fire power is strong. In fact, the internal expenses are large and you cannot save. Not rich.

Judging from the recent flow of years, until the end of 2027, the year of wood and fire will help you, the help will be stronger, the yen will become strong, you can take care of food and money, your career will develop well, your income will be good, and you can do things after work some small investments.

Why can’t we do business? Due to the great luck, even though Yinbi has helped in recent years, it has been difficult to achieve great development. And from 2028 to 2033, when Earth, Metal, and Water are exuberant, it will be difficult to make money. If you do it blindly, you will lose money.

From the age of 35 to 55, the Dingsi and Wuwu fortunes will bring prosperity to the family. At this time, good luck will come, and you are expected to cooperate with others in business and make a fortune (because Bijie represents colleagues and collaborators). If you continue to work, you can also get help from friends and colleagues, and you can also make some investments after work.