Foreigners make astringent MODs for the new heroes of “Overwatch 2”, player: Blizzard will soon release female characters!

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Although many players are now complaining that Blizzard can’t do it, it is undeniable that Blizzard is still very appealing. “Overwatch 2” has attracted countless players to join in just a few days after the start of the test, and with the rise of the game’s popularity, online There have been a lot of player second creation pictures and COS characters, but this is still a little tender. Recently, a big guy played a big one!

As the saying goes, “you can’t help it when you get on the PC”, and “Overwatch 2” is no exception. This game has only been on the shelves for three days, and the foreign professional racing tycoon Swurst has started the fog on the new hero. Sub’s Harmony MOD!

As soon as the news came out, the whole people watched and interviewed. Some players who liked the queen of scumbags asked if the big boss will make the queen? The boss said that the reason why Mizuki is the first to be released is what the people want. The so-called other characters are based on popularity, that is, as long as the popularity of the hero you like is high enough, then she will be higher in the boss’s worksheet.

However, the boss also revealed that the next MOD will be the original goddess D.Va or the new hero Sojohn.

The view of domestic players is that in the future, Overwatch will only have heroines, and they need to be quicker. It is indeed necessary to hurry up, after all, the films are all fast-forward to watch, and there will be no new works to watch if you don’t hurry up.

Some players complained that Blizzard developed a game for Thurse. This netizen saw through the producer’s mind…

As the boss gradually overcomes various technical difficulties, in the future, Mizuki will probably not only have to face MOD, but also make movies!

It is said that with the fire of “Overwatch”, Tracer, Widowmaker, D.Va, Genji, 76, etc. have all become high-yield and popular stars on some strange websites.

At their peak, the search rate for these characters on strange websites skyrocketed by 817%!

Now players are having fun while complaining that “Overwatch 2” is boring, and it feels like history may repeat itself…

Jeff Kaplan, the director of “Overwatch” who has left, was asked about this phenomenon. He said that although this problem made him very worried, it was unavoidable, but the rich fan content also reflected the high popularity of the game.

The games that are broken by players on the PC are not only “Overwatch 2”, such as “Final Fantasy 7: Remake” Alice who only loves headshots on the bench, “Sekiro” version chicken you are too beautiful, Ke Qing bravely runs “Old Man” Ring”, not to mention the old man who “continues life” by MOD and loves her.

In short, as long as the MOD is in place, every day is a new game.

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