Foreign media: Kiev has made a decision to revoke the title of “honorary citizen” of former Soviet leader Brezhnev

[Global Network Report] Based on reports from the “Russia Today” (RT) website and the Ukrainian media “The New Voice of Ukraine” (The New Voice of Ukraine) on the 26th, the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev voted on the 25th to remove the former Soviet leader Brett Zhnev title of “Honorary Citizen”. “New Voice of Ukraine” mentioned that when Kiev makes this decision, it will usher in the city’s own festival – “Kiev Day” on May 28.

According to RT, according to the statement on the website of the Kiev City Council, on the day of voting on the 25th, 82 of the 120 councilors supported the above decision. “This decision is another step towards eliminating the legacy of the former communist regime,” the statement said, according to Ukraine’s 2015 law on “decommunism”.

According to reports, Brezhnev was born in 1906 in what is now the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. A former Soviet leader, he was awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen” by Kiev in 1982.

Regarding the title of “Honorary Citizen of Kiev”, “Ukraine New Voice” stated that there are currently 85 people who have received this honor. The most recent award was former British Prime Minister Johnson, who was awarded this honor in January this year. RT mentioned that in addition to Brezhnev, several former Soviet military commanders and politicians were also deprived of this title.