Foreign media interview with DK mid laner ShowMaker: predicting that the first-hand LCK will have a “civil war” in the S12 finals

#2022 Esports Season#

The quarter-final stage of the 2022 Global Finals has ended. LCK third seed DK and the same seed GEN regrettably stopped in the top eight after five rounds of fierce battles. DK mid laner ShowMaker was interviewed by foreign media.

Q: First of all, thank the ShowMaker players for accepting the interview. I also regret that you failed to win the game. The first question I want to ask is your general impression of the BO5 with GEN?

ShowMaker: Before the game, I expected that the game would be very anxious. In the end, it turned out that the players of GEN played very well. The game was very “bloody” and very intense. We lost this BO5, which is really sad.

Q: As long as GEN and DK meet this year, they will definitely play five games. What do you think is the reason why you both get so nervous every game?

ShowMaker: GEN is a very strong team, and I think the reason we often play five games is that they are really tough to deal with. One of their strategies is to prepare a very diverse draft to catch the opponent by surprise. Although we lost both BO5s (against GEN), I believe we will win back next year.

Q: Thank you for your answer. Next, let’s talk about some happy moments. What was your happiest moment in this year’s World Championship?

ShowMaker: It’s actually today’s game, because every time we win today, we can hear (the audience’s voice) and feel the power from the audience, and it makes you feel like being a professional player is a part of What a proud thing, I feel very happy.

Q: When we watched this BO5 as an audience, it was really like riding a roller coaster. Then you experienced it from the first perspective. How do you feel after each game?

ShowMaker: It definitely feels better if the end result is a good one. Sometimes it’s funny and uplifting, other times it’s sad, but overall, this BO5 is a really good moment, and I think it might be one of my unforgettable memories .

Q: Let’s talk about your whole year this year. It’s a pity that you can’t win the Summoner’s trophy again. What kind of year will 2022 be for you?

ShowMaker: Everyone has had high expectations for us since the Spring Split, but because I don’t think we’ve been able to respond to those expectations, I think this year has been a very difficult year.

Q: Although I think it’s too early to say this, but in the upcoming offseason and the 2023 season, where do you think you and your team need to focus?

ShowMaker: I feel like there are a lot of things we need to discuss (about what happens next year), but because League of Legends is going to change a lot, I’m not quite sure what to say about the future. For now, I think I should focus on getting a good rest and making sure my head is full of optimism.

Q: Which team do you think will win the S12 World Championship this year? what is the reason?

ShowMaker: So far, I think one of GEN, T1, and DRX will definitely be the champion this year. My feeling is that compared to JDG or EDG, the current node seems to be a bit stronger in the LCK, so I will definitely predict the first-hand LCK final “civil war”.

Q: Before the end of the interview, would you like to say something to the fans who have been supporting you?

ShowMaker: I can be who I am today because of my fans, so I want to say thank you to all the fans around the world who have been supporting us and following me! I will work harder next year!

Although this year’s result ended in failure, I want to bring some more exciting games, like the one we played this time. I will also work harder to deliver positive energy and make sure everyone can enjoy every game I play!