Foreign e-sports interviews predict S12, all members are optimistic about JDG winning T1? The upper and middle wild data are in the lead!

The 2022 League of Legends Global Finals has entered the final stage. With only the last three BO5 games left on the schedule, the overall results of the current LPL division teams have disappointed the audience. Before the game, many spectators believed that the strength of the four teams in this LPL was the strongest in history. However, after the quarter-finals, the three teams of TES, RNG and EDG were eliminated in different ways. Only the No. 1 seed JDG withstood the pressure and qualified for the first place in Group B through a play-off, and beat RGE 3-0 in the quarter-finals. In the upcoming semi-finals, they are facing the siege of three LCK teams, and the upcoming match against T1 is even more under great pressure.

Due to the very dominant relationship between T1’s previous performance and results, many LPL viewers were not very optimistic about the result of JDG’s game before the semi-finals, and even made plans for JDG to be eliminated. However, in a recent overseas e-sports talk show, all the guests who were invited to participate in the program to predict the semi-finals said they were more optimistic about JDG. Although they all believed that this was a close match that was infinitely close to 55 in the show, they were still slightly more optimistic about JDG for various reasons.

The show is hosted by well-known e-sports commentator Thorin, and the guests are former LOL official commentator MonteCristo, LCK English stream commentator Wolf, and FNC head coach Yamatocannon. When analyzing the focus of the semi-finals on the show, they all mentioned the matchup between Zeus and 369 on the road. In addition, they also tended to think that Kanavi was JDG’s advantage in facing T1.

The FNC head coach even analyzed that if 369 has a very strong and fixed top lane option and a strong bottom lane hero that can be blinded out, JDG can play the game in a more conventional and standard way, which can be achieved. JDG is more aware of how to gain an advantage. And the FNC head coach said that he is more interested in the linkage between Toothpaste, Kanavi, and 369 and Kanavi. Maintaining this level of consistency can win many games in the long run.

Of course, in addition to the analysis in this overseas e-sports talk show, the comparison of JDG and T1’s six-pointed star radar chart before the game shows that JDG’s data in the upper, middle and wild areas is overall ahead. Although the bot lane may be a bit poor in terms of data due to the different tactical focus, JDG definitely has the possibility of defeating T1, and we look forward to them being in the best state to meet the upcoming S12 semi-finals.

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