Forecast case of Qimen Dunjia, currently single, when will you meet the right relationship, when will you get married, etc.?

Qimen Dunjia prediction case,

Currently single, see marital status,

When can you meet the right match, when can you get married, etc.?

Seeking Gender Female

Birth time: xx, xx, 1990 in the lunar calendar

Test question: currently single, look at the marital status,

When can you meet the right match, when can you get married, etc.?

The master calculates through Qimen Dunjia’s starting game,

The specific analysis is as follows:

1. B is the Golden Palace for you,

Being in a state of desperation is not prosperous,

Although the door of Linxiu is Jimen,

But Hugh is not active,

The speed is not fast, and Yixia Linren enters the ground for the day.

These are the main slow phase,

In the short term

The chances of meeting the right fate are slim.

But B sits in the heaven and earth marriage palace,

The next Lin Xiumen is Jimen, but the Lord is slow,

But not always single.

2. C represents your positive fate falling into the Golden Palace,

The state of being in the place where the fetus is raised is not prosperous,

Explain your working ability

and family status are generally above the state,

The master of the next life sect has his own career and business;

The auxiliary star of Lintian is the star of nobles,

It shows that the other party has a benevolent heart,

Superior Taiyin indicates that the opponent has a city,

I also have a plan for my life.

4. The height of the opponent is around 176,

fair complexion,

Six years older than you or within four years younger than you,

Occupationally engaged in finance, hardware, machinery, etc.

It is more likely to work with the metal of the five elements.

In terms of direction, to the west and northwest of where you live,

It is more beneficial for you to meet the right relationship as soon as possible.

5. In terms of zodiac signs,

You are compatible with people whose zodiac signs are Tiger, Dog and Sheep;

It is unfavorable to marry a person whose zodiac sign is Ox.

Comparing with Rat people,

Other zodiac signs are all medium marriages.

6. In terms of time,

You are more likely to meet a positive relationship next fall,

That is, from August 15th to National Day next year,

Get married during the fall of 2024 to the spring of 2025.