Following RNG, IG is also facing a debt crisis. The source: Rookie and TS will jointly sue!

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It has been a week since the top 8 of the S12 global finals. Due to the poor performance of the LPL teams, only the last team from JDG is left in the current 4 teams. TES fell to the top 16, while RNG , EDG fell to the top 8. To be honest, it is a pity for such a result. The performance of the three teams did not meet expectations at all, and only JDG was the best team.

“Debt crisis” after RNG was phased out

However, after RNG was eliminated in S12, in addition to the players not having a good time, the club also encountered a “debt crisis”. Both WBG and PDD appealed to RNG at the same time. I believe everyone knows the reason. WBG can sue RNG for no other reason than to transfer Bin at the beginning of the season.

As for the PDD side, it is naturally also the player’s problem. You must know that several RNG players have been sold by PDD, and PDD himself also stated in a recent live broadcast that the reason why he would sue RNG is that it was sold to RNG a few years ago. The players who have been delayed until now have not settled, so they will make this decision, so for RNG, this will be a very difficult period of time.

Insider reveals IG’s woes

But it’s not just RNG that is having a hard time. Just after the RNG incident intensified, the well-known whistleblower in the circle “File No. 77 in the e-sports circle” also pointed out a current difficulty for IG. Everyone should know that IG has been going downhill since winning the championship in S8, and IG has also done something that no one expected, that is, it defaulted on the bonuses and wages of the three world champions that year.

Rookie, Theshy, Duke join forces to sue IG

Everyone should know that these three Korean aids are naturally Rookie, Theshy and Duke, but what is outrageous is that the three have left IG for a long time, won the championship, and earned IG so much fame. But to this day, IG still owes three people bonuses and wages.

And to be able to let the three of them join forces to sue their old club, the bonuses and wages owed must be more than a little bit. Judging from IG’s movements in the past two years, IG’s “debt crisis” may not be much easier than RNG.

Rookie was stabbed in the back by IG

And in the past two years, the most irritating thing IG has done is backstab Rookie. During the transfer period before the start of this season, IG has been dragging Rookie away and not renewing his contract until other teams’ lineups. It was almost certain that Rookie knew that he had been trapped by IG, and had no choice but to quickly send Weibo to find a team.

Fortunately, in the end, V5 extended a helping hand to allow Rookie to play in the game this season. Although V5 failed to enter the World Championship, it is already very good for V5 to have such a lineup. As for IG, which is no longer competitive, it is estimated that the next transfer period will continue.

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