Fly takes out Mozi again just to play happily? Thunder Cup Finals winner is ‘the thing in the bag’

I believe that many netizens are paying attention to the [Thunder Cup S6] held by Huya Live recently. This game has been held for six seasons. In these few seasons, many teams have played well in the event. The operation has also brought us a lot of inspiration. As the [Thunder Cup S6] kicked off again, this time the S6 season will not only bring you the battles between the various teams, but the final exhibition match is also quite exciting.

The exhibition match of Thunder Cup S6 was voted by netizens. Everyone can vote for their favorite players and favorite anchors, so that they can participate in it. This is not only a game for players, but also a game for anchors, bringing interesting live content to everyone, that is Huya Live held [Thunder Cup S6].

Recently, the competition has come to the final exhibition competition, and many star anchors and players have gone to participate in this competition. Among them, the competition between the Fly team and the Pengpeng team has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. The two players are very popular in terms of popularity. This time I came to the entertainment competition. Although entertainment is the top priority, as a professional player, the desire to win is very high, so neither side wants to lose this game.

When the game started, the two sides brought a very exciting game to everyone. In the first game, there were two shooter players on Fly’s side, but no one dared to choose a shooter. I don’t know why, is it because they don’t want to fight? But even without a shooter, the Fly’s side played very strongly in the first game. In the mid-term, he directly played more than half of the heads, and finally ended the game at the top of the road.

In the second game, Fly took out Mozi. This hero tower has not been played for a long time, but Fly still played very happily. After all, Mozi, the hero, mainly focuses on the effect of the show. In this game, Huya Live’s anchor pocket can be said to be a blast. In the end, Fly’s team directly defeated Pengpeng’s Smiley team 2-0 and advanced to the finals!

In the post-match interview, Fei Niu mentioned that when he came to this event, he was reminded by his friends that he could not open the champagne half-time, but he still had to say that sentence: “This champion is what we have in our pocket.” ! It seems that Fei Niu is quite confident in his own strength. I believe that with Fei Niu’s words, the follow-up games will be even more exciting! Then let’s look forward to the [Thunder Cup S6] held by Huya Live!