Fly led the anchors to form a mixed formation to face Pengpeng.

As the highest competitive hall of King Glory, KPL has gradually become a long-term event column for many players with the continuous improvement of the e-sports atmosphere in recent years. However, KPL has just ushered in the off-season recently, which also Let the players who usually develop the habit of watching games fall into the “event drought”.

But recently a competition column suddenly appeared in front of everyone, that is the Thunder Cup held in a certain tooth. There are ten teams in this Thunder Cup, namely Chengdu AG Super Play Club, Guangzhou TTG, XYG, Suzhou KSG, Changsha TES.A, Chongqing Wolves, Beijing WB, Foshan DRG.GK, Nanjing Hero Jiujing, Dongguan Wz. Therefore, many fans affectionately call it little KPL.

In addition to the extremely luxurious lineup participating in the competition, the competition system of this Thunder Cup is also very interesting. First, some players will be selected from the participating teams, and then some anchors will be selected on the Huya platform. To vote separately, the anchor with the most votes will form a mixed team with professional players to compete, a bit like an All-Star event.

It is worth mentioning that not all professional teams will participate in the voting together. As a popular team, the AG Super Play Club announced not long ago that it will not participate in the All-Star Game of the Thunder Cup. It’s not that the management of the AG Super Play Club is afraid that the professional players will be rhythm after losing to the anchor, but it is also possible that the AG Super Play Club will concentrate on preparing for the next World Champions Cup. After all, in this Thunder Cup, AG Super Play The performance of the meeting is not so bright.

After fans’ votes, the lineup for this Thunder Cup exhibition match has also been finalized. One is the bullish team led by professional player FLY. In addition to FLY, there are four other players participating, namely Meng Lan, Pocket, Xiang Yu, and Elk. . Next is the Smiley team led by Pengpeng. The players are Baibeast, Jinyu, Tiantianke, and Sledgehammer.

After the competition between the two teams, the bullish team led by Fly finally won the final victory. Both sides also played back and forth in the two games. Especially the voice in the game was full of program effects. It is not difficult to tell from the voice. A conclusion is that the relationship between these professional players and the anchor is still very good, and both sides can make jokes. In the end, it was also dedicated to several wonderful games for the audience.

Well, today’s sharing is here. I wonder what everyone thinks of this Thunder Cup? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, see you next time!