Finally found an autumn and winter outfit suitable for “experts”, which is simple, fashionable and atmospheric, which is worth learning from

Fashion bloggers’ outfits, although they look very fashionable, are not suitable for ordinary people to copy completely. Because the dressing habits of ordinary people are different from those of bloggers, we usually choose casual and comfortable dressing styles for daily wear.

And this time, we finally found an autumn and winter outfit suitable for “experts”, which is simple, fashionable and atmospheric, which is worth learning from. Now, let’s take a look at how to create a fashionable casual outfit, which can also look good in everyday clothes!

1. How to choose a coat

In autumn and winter fashion, it can be said that the coat determines the fashion sense of daily clothing, and is also the premise to increase the thermal effect.

In terms of choosing a coat, the first thing that an amateur should consider when dressing is the body. Choose a coat that suits you according to your height and weight. In this way, it can better show the advantages of the figure, and at the same time, it can avoid the exposure of its own defects, and play the role of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

For example, small girls are suitable for wearing short coats. By optimizing the proportion of the body, they can achieve the effect of showing height, which can show the spirit and neatness at the same time.

Tall sisters can choose short coats. Long, medium and short styles can be easily controlled, and it is easy to wear them with a sense of fashion. But in comparison, it is recommended that tall girls choose a long coat, which will make the dress more generous and temperamental.

For example, long coats such as long down jackets and woolen coats are warm and stylish at the same time. Even if the color of the clothes is darker, they are also very fashionable.

Second, how to match the fashion sense

If you want to make your daily wear stylish, matching ideas is a very important part. Let’s take a look at the blogger’s dressing demonstration!

1. Pair with tights

Regardless of whether you choose a long or short coat, it is very suitable to choose the dressing idea of ​​”top loose and tight bottom”. We can create leg lines, which can not only better reflect the charm of women, but also make people look very linear, and achieve the effect of showing height and thinness.

Fashion bloggers are the best example. With black tights, the legs are thinner and slender, and they are not restricted by the color of other clothes. They are very versatile.

2, with straight pants

If you are worried about exposing the defects of your legs, matching straight-leg pants must be the best choice, which can help you easily create straight legs, even if you layer a pair of warm pants, it will not look bloated at all.

However, try not to choose to combine it with a long coat with straight-leg pants. Short coats are more likely to show the advantages of your figure, and it can also show the charm of your legs.

3. Dressing details that need to be paid attention to

As the saying goes, “details make or break”. This sentence also applies to the field of fashion, and the details are handled properly, which can make your clothes more fashionable.

In autumn and winter, the first thing to pay attention to in dressing is the waistline, especially when wearing half-length and long coats, the correct waistline position can not only make the clothes look neat and decent, but also easily create a high effect.

This point, whether it is a tall or a small sister, should pay attention to it, it is a very important part of changing our external image. The way of dressing with a high waistline, even if you choose to wear a black dress, can make you very attractive.

In addition, accessories can also greatly enhance the fashion sense of autumn and winter clothing, and can also play a role in keeping warm. Hats and scarves are very suitable for autumn and winter wear, and different styles and ways of wearing can create different fashion effects and reflect a different fashion atmosphere.

Conclusion: The above styles are quite suitable for everyday wear by ordinary people. Sisters who don’t have any dressing ideas in autumn and winter can learn from it~

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