Final Fantasy 16’s new trailer leaked or released tonight

IGN Southeast Asia leaked the content of the “Final Fantasy 16” promotional video in advance, and foreign media speculated that the trailer may be released later today.

The following is the description of the text version:

Walliszea was on the verge of collapse, the light of the crystal gradually dimmed, and a voice-over sounded at this time: the darkness spread, the day turned to twilight, and only a faint swaying of the mother’s flame remained. We cannot survive without the blessing of the crystal.

·The major kingdoms have their own themes:

Principality of Rosalia: Defender of Tradition

the Holy Empire of Sanbreque: Ambition is sacred

Dalmegia: Wealth flows with the sands of the desert

Iron Kingdom: Forged by Faith and Fear

the Kingdom of Waloed: Indomitable in isolation

·Each kingdom has its own summoned beast, and the summoned beast of the Principality of Rosalia is the Phoenix

Clive and Joshua appear in the trailer, Joshua summons the phoenix, and Clive and several other companions explore the area called “Dead Land”.