Final Fantasy 16 new trailer “Ambition” revealed

Final Fantasy 16 new trailer “Ambition” revealed

The new promotional film “Ambition” for “Final Fantasy 16” has been released, and the game is expected to be released in the summer of 2023.

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1500 years after man declared war on God

A world where punishment leads to death “Walliszea”

In the ever-expanding twilight age of the black dead zone

People seek the protection of mother crystals

5 countries competing with each other for mother crystals

When the temporary equilibrium begins to crumble

The fates of the manifesters began to mess up

After the release of the new promotional film “Ambition” of “Final Fantasy 16”, the producer Naoki Yoshida and the supervisor Hiro Takai brought a trailer explanation :

Different from the previous promotional videos that focused on showing the action, this time mainly presents the stories and characters with the manifesters as the core. In the twilight era, the war in Valiszea began to spread, where will the manifester of destiny lead, and what future awaits each kingdom after the hard battle? There will be more questions to be answered, and more truths to be discovered. In terms of development, it has now entered the stage of concentrating on debugging, polishing and debugging.

New characters and gameplay screenshots

Sonbrek Prince Dion Lesage manifests the summoned beast Bahamut

King Volud Barnabas Tharmr manifests the summoned beast Odin