Fighting through the sky: What kind of strange fire did Xiao Yan use before he became Emperor Yan?

Everyone knows that Xiao Yan is practicing Fen Jue. Fen Jue is a low-level cultivation technique of the yellow rank, but it is a cultivation technique that can be advanced. Of course, when Xiao Yan, who was the protagonist, became Emperor Yan, Fen Jue was already a high-level cultivation technique. Let the captain introduce to you what kinds of strange fires Xiao Yan devoured.

No. 19 – Qinglian Earth Heart Fire

Qinglian Earth Heart Fire was the first strange fire that Xiao Yan obtained. Although it was not the strongest, it was the one that followed Xiao Yan the longest, and it was also the strange fire that changed Xiao Yan’s fate. The shape of this fire resembles a lotus flower, and the shape of the Buddha’s wrathful fire lotus is formed according to the Qinglian Earth Heart Fire. And in the integration of Qinglian Earth Heart Fire, Xiao Yan also met Queen Medusa, one of his wives.

15th place – Hai Xinyan

Hai Xinyan was forcibly extracted by Xiao Yan when he attacked the Soul Palace. Hai Xinyan was originally Xiao Yan’s senior brother Han Feng, who was later dedicated to the old man Mugu. Once again, when Xiao Yan led the people of Tianfu to attack the Soul Palace, the old man Mu Gu was defeated by Xiao Yan, and then he forcefully pulled out Hai Xinyan.

14th place – Fallen Heart Flame

Xiao Yan subdued the Falling Heart Flame in Canaan College. The Falling Heart Flame was suppressed in the Qi training tower of Canaan College. It was used to speed up everyone’s cultivation, but the seal became more and more unstable, and finally broke out of the seal. Xiao Yan could only “reluctantly” subdue Fallen Xinyan. When she overcame Fallen Xinyan, Queen Medusa was also pregnant with Xiao Yan’s child.

Eleventh place – Bone Spirit Cold Fire

Bone Spirit Cold Fire is Master Xiao Yan’s Yaochen’s special fire. Bone Spirit Cold Fire is no stranger to it, it has appeared very early, and Xiao Yan often borrows Master’s Bone Spirit Cold Fire. After Xiao Yan reshaped the body for Yao Lao, Yao Lao also taught Xiao Yan the cold fire of bone spirit.

Ninth place – three thousand flames

Three thousand Yan Yanhuo was the first conscious strange fire that Xiao Yan conquered. Three thousand Yan Yanhuo was a strange fire raised in captivity by the Taixu Gulong clan. With the help of Zi Yan, Xiao Yan subdued three thousand Yan Yan in Dan Tower. fire. After absorbing 3,000 flames of flames, it will be given 3,000 stars physique, as long as it is not instant kill, it can be recovered, known as the undead body.

Fourth place – Golden Emperor Fen Tianyan

Jindi Fentianyan is the fire of the ancient clan’s inheritance, ranking fourth on the list of different fires, it is a very powerful different fire, but the Jindi Fentianyan owned by Xiao Yan is not complete, because Xiao Yan owns the Jindi Fentian Inflammation was a complete accident. When Xiao Yan merged with the Jinglian Demon Fire, the energy of Emperor Jin’s Fen Tianyan flowed out of Gu Xun’er’s body and merged into Xiao Yan’s body. Although it is only a part of it, it can be considered to have it.

Third place – Jinglian Demon Fire

Jinglian Yaohuo is the third-ranked strange fire on the strange fire list, and it appears every thousand years. Relying on the complete ancient map of the pure lotus demon fire, Xiao Yan obtained the help of the pure lotus demon saint, forcibly stripped the consciousness of the pure lotus demon fire and perished with the consciousness of the pure lotus demon fire. After that, it was absorbed by Xiao Yan. However, Xiao Yan’s power was not enough to completely absorb it. With the help of Gu Xun’er, all Xiao Yan’s different fires were merged with the ancient golden emperor’s Fen Tianyan. Fusion of a fire spirit named “Xiao Yi”.

Of course, these are all the different fires before Xiao Yan became Emperor. Xiao Yan obtained the inheritance of the first place in the Ancient Emperor Tuoshe List, and became Emperor Yan. Forcibly fused with 22 different fires and his own body fused into Emperor Yan, defeating the Soul Heaven Emperor.