“Fight up”! The “Douy 11” e-commerce platform is in full swing, and Douyin will make another move

The annual Double Eleven is coming again. Although the popularity of Double Eleven this year is not as high as in previous years, the fighting between major platforms has not stopped.

Tmall’s Double Eleven pre-sale time this year is set at 8 pm on October 24th. The opening time is delayed compared with previous years, and the big promotion time is shortened as a whole; JD.com took the lead in opening the pre-sale on October 20, and the platform front elongated.

Affected by the weak overall consumption, Douyin’s pre-sale time for Double Eleven this year has also been delayed, and pre-sale will start at 0:00 on October 24.

As a new entrant, Douyin seems to be paying more attention to this year’s Double Eleven than Tmall and JD.com in order to seize the good opportunities brought by the shopping festival.

Douyin is tough

In order to seize the e-commerce market share, this year’s Douyin was a bit of a struggle during the Double Eleven. After all, this year is a critical period for Douyin to build a mall. Only by attracting consumers to form purchasing habits on the platform can we lay a better foundation for the future e-commerce business.

At the online “pre-sale venue”, Douyin recommended thousands of products with good prices, covering electronic home, beauty, clothing, shoes and bags, personal care home cleaning and food and other categories.

In order to attract consumers, Douyin has a lot of wealth, provides crazy subsidies to users, and uses various forms of freight insurance + safe purchase to enhance the bilateral experience and rights of consumers and merchants.

“Cross-store full discount” is the introductory gameplay of Douyin’s event, and it is also the core of Douyin’s Double Eleven promotion. Users can reduce or exempt part of the transaction amount when they meet certain conditions in a single active store or cross-store transaction on the Xiaodian platform. For part of the transaction amount that the user has been reduced or exempted, the merchant cannot obtain the equivalent cash income, that is, the merchant shall bear the profit. Offer discounts to consumers.

Douyin feels that such strength is not enough. Recently, it launched a new channel called “9 yuan and 9 specials”. The channel will launch specials at certain times every day, with prices ranging from 4.9 yuan to 9.9 yuan. etc., the products include household household, personal care home cleaning, clothing, shoes and bags and other categories.

This move of Douyin is no different from the early Taobao and Pinduoduo “9 yuan and 9 free shipping”.

In order to compete for more traffic, Douyin thought of Toutiao, its former “incubator”. Recently, Toutiao APP has quietly launched a shopping channel to access products from Douyin e-commerce. The purpose of Douyin this time is nothing more than to expand its traffic pool, thereby boosting the growth of transaction scale.

In order to make good use of the traffic pool of Toutiao, Douyin upgraded the live broadcast section in May this year, and the upgraded live broadcast service is provided by Douyin. At the same time, Toutiao has also set up “My Order” on the user’s personal homepage, and a variety of products are listed below the order information for users to purchase.

According to the research report of Tianfeng Securities, the main changes of Douyin this year’s Double Eleven compared to last year are as follows: the overall activity organization is centralized; the formulation of more differentiated subdivision rules suitable for sub-categories; the upgrade of platform discounts, from attracting merchants to attracting consumer. In addition, in order to strengthen the protection of consumers’ rights and interests during the promotion period, Douyin e-commerce has upgraded the price insurance service, from the original 15-day price insurance period after payment to the full price insurance within 15 days after the end of the event on November 11. November 26.

Due to the large base of active users on the Douyin platform and the smaller scale of e-commerce compared to Tmall and JD.com, Douyin is still advancing as fast as previous years on Double Eleven this year.

According to the “Daily Economic News” report, as of October 26, the cumulative number of users who paid a deposit for the pre-sale of Douyin’s Double 11 Good Things Festival was 2.6 times that of last year’s Double 11 full cycle; ; The cumulative number of mobile sellers is 3.8 times that of the full cycle of Double 11 last year. At the same time, the total amount of consumer electronics and home life deposit orders exceeded the total amount of the double 11 full cycle last year; compared with the double 11 full cycle pre-sales of mobile phones and major appliances in 2021, the pre-sale amount has doubled, and more than 100 million items have exploded.

Relying on the e-commerce supported by short videos, Douyin’s start in the e-commerce field can be described as rapid. For example, the total transaction volume of Luo Yonghao’s first live broadcast on Douyin exceeded 100 million yuan, and the data released by New Oriental (09901.HK) recently showed that from June to August this year, the cumulative sales of Oriental Selection in the three months reached 2.249 billion yuan. It has successfully achieved its own rapid development with the help of the Douyin platform.

E-commerce sinks into the market, a battleground for military strategists

With 600 million daily active users, why does Douyin do an e-commerce business with 9 yuan and 9 free shipping?

In the field of e-commerce, special offers have always been closely linked to the sinking market. The intention of Douyin is obvious, that is, to be a sinking market like Pinduoduo, because the sinking market is a very large market in China, and it will not be outdated in the era of consumption upgrading.

According to the 2022 sinking market insight report released by QuestMobile, with the in-depth popularization of the mobile Internet, the number of users in sinking markets has steadily increased. As of April 2022, there were 692 million monthly active users in the sinking market, accounting for 58.4% of the total.

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in the first three quarters of this year, the national rural online retail sales reached 1,497.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. The national online retail sales of agricultural products was 374.51 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 7.3 percentage points higher than that of the same period last year.

Behind the sinking market, Douyin has also gained a lot in this field. The QuestMobile report shows that in April 2022, the active penetration rate of users in the Douyin sinking market was as high as 58.1%, followed by Kuaishou 37.1%, Kuaishou Express Edition 20.5%, and Douyin Express Edition 20.1%.

In fact, not only Douyin, but other e-commerce platforms are also willing to spend a lot of money in a head-to-head battle in the sinking market, in order to gain a larger user scale. For example, Pinduoduo, Taote, Kuaishou e-commerce, etc. are all salivating in the sinking market.

Nowadays, in the sinking market of e-commerce, Douyin still has many advantages over its competitors in terms of “absorbing fans”. Douyin is the leader in the field of live streaming, and many users of the Douyin platform are in low-tier cities and towns. can be activated.

Of course, there is a price to pay for special e-commerce to be successful.

First of all, it takes time and huge subsidies to cultivate short video users into online shoppers, and work hard on the mutual feeding of short video and live broadcast content.

Secondly, in terms of supply chain, whether it is live e-commerce or traditional e-commerce platforms, mastering the supply chain is the key. Dongfang Selection, which has risen on the Douyin platform, is building its own supply chain. The fundamental reason is not to acquire customers, but to increase user stickiness and “long-term fishing for big fish”.

For Douyin at this time, the construction of the supply chain needs to be done step by step. After all, there must be “goods” before the “supply” can be satisfied, followed by warehousing and distribution.

In the future, Douyin’s e-commerce will have more stories.

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