Fifth personality: When you were a survivor for the first time, you should have done these stupid things too!

When everyone comes into contact with an unfamiliar game, the desire to explore will be surprisingly strong. Especially a rare gothic-style mobile game like “Fifth Personality”, which adopted an asymmetric competitive mode when it was launched. At the beginning, many players could not figure out the rules of the game, so many jokes were made. . The following “stupid things” in the new era, I believe every player has experienced it! Looking back now, it is a precious memory.

1. Can’t find the motor

The first contact with “Fifth Personality” and unfamiliarity with the map is a problem that both supervisors and survivors will face. The main goal of the supervisor is to prevent the survivors from repairing the machine. It only needs to find the survivors. Relatively speaking, the impact is not very big. However, it often happens that the survivors cannot find the motor. At that time, everyone was not very clear. There would be a bright antenna on the motor. Can’t find where the motor is. There are also cute new players in the madhouse map, the gates have been opened, but they can’t find the location of the gate and finally get caught.

2. Getting caught in the closet

Most of the furnishings in the manor’s cabinets and cabinets serve the survivors when they are properly operated. Unless there is a misoperation such as lowering the board to block teammates from escaping, or entering the cabinet and being caught. At that time, most players did not realize that the supervisor would judge the escape route based on the footprints of the survivors. The operation of entering the cabinet takes a long time. If the supervisor is not completely thrown away, there is a high probability that the front foot will enter the cabinet and the rear foot will be pulled out by the supervisor.

3. Where is the cellar

When I first came into contact with “Fifth Personality”, after playing a few games, everyone knew that a survivor who successfully escaped from the gate was considered a victory. Until one of the teammates ran away, the system prompted to find the cellar to escape. What is a cellar? Where is the cellar? At that time, many survivors were not very clear, so they would often run to low-lying places, such as basements! However, the basement is a dead end. Once you enter the basement and are found by the supervisor, you will most likely be cold. It wasn’t until later that everyone realized that there were only a few locations in the cellars of each map, and it was done by jumping off.

Fourth, brainless teammates

For the stupid things mentioned above, even if you do something wrong, you will be arrested at best, and your teammates will not be affected. However, as a survivor for the first time, facing the pursuit of the regulators will inevitably be nervous to the point of panic. At that time, Mengxin would subconsciously lead the supervisor to his teammates, hoping that his teammates could help him. As a result, the teammates who were repairing the machine had no choice but to give up, and then ran away, unable to help at all. Some players adhere to the principle of mutual assistance, and they just want to save their teammates regardless of the timing or location, and they are both punished by regulators.

Before I was familiar with the game mechanics, I was inexperienced, and almost every new survivor had done similar “stupid things”, and now I look back on it from the new era. So when teammates make mistakes, everyone should be more tolerant and understanding!