FIBA wrote an article praising Han Xu: Standing tall, talented and inspirational

  Beijing time on October 25th news, in the previously concluded World Cup, the Chinese women’s basketball team won the runner-up, tying the best result in team history. FIBA recently published the article “Han Xu: Standing High, Talented, Inspirational” on its official website, evaluating the Chinese women’s basketball center Han Xu in detail.

  For the first time in 28 years, the Chinese women’s basketball team has reached the podium. For Han Xu herself, after this extraordinary World Cup journey, she is no longer just a big player.

  ”I did my best. I did my best in every game in the World Cup.” Han Xu said after China beat France to advance to the semifinals.

  Obviously, she really put in all the effort. She averaged 12.4 points (12th among all players), 8.4 rebounds (5th among all players) and 1.8 blocks (2nd among all players) per game.

  When the Chinese team played against the host Australia in the semifinals, Han Xu once again gave a wonderful performance, scoring 19 points, 11 rebounds, 2 steals and 5 blocks on 8 of 10 shots, breaking the record of the Women’s Basketball World Cup.

  What makes Han Xu unique is not only her height and wingspan, but her shooting ability makes her a unique and talented player, and has gradually become the main force of the Chinese women’s basketball team. Han Xu’s parents are both basketball players, and they went to the basketball game with them when they were very young. “I was called up to the national team when I was 18, and from that moment I decided to become a professional athlete.”

  In 2016, Han Xu participated in the U17 World Cup and U18 Asian Championships, and in 2017, he participated in the U19 World Cup. After scoring 20 points in the 2018 Women’s Basketball World Cup against the United States, Han Xu received an olive branch from the WNBA, and she joined the New York Liberty with the 14th overall pick in 2019. In the past three years, she has been selected for the best team of the 2019 Women’s Basketball Asian Cup, participated in the Tokyo Olympics, and won the silver medal of the Women’s Basketball World Cup, and she is still under 23 years old.

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