Feeling distressed about Tesla, the property blacklisted Tesla because of complaints?

Recently, Mozi shared a more interesting thing with the audience in the live broadcast room, which attracted the attention of the audience. The thing is, Mozi originally lived in a high-end community, but she wanted to move because this place was a bit inconvenient. But suddenly Mozi didn’t want to move anymore, and said that he would move slowly again, and shared an interesting story of his friend with the audience.

Mozi said that he has a friend who owns a Tesla and often parks it in a free parking space in the community, but every time it parks at this location, the community property will call, saying that the car is blocking the entry and exit of other cars, and the owner of the car will be blocked. move away. After going back and forth like this, Tesla was blocked. As long as Tesla was in the parking space, the community property would call someone to move the car, and said that other owners complained that Tesla had scratched their car, and also Tesla added to the property blacklist.

Later, my friend was also a little annoyed by so many complaints, so he decided to replace it with his own Ferrari and put the Tesla in his Ferrari’s parking space. In the end, I didn’t expect that after doing this, Ferrari never received any complaints again. My friend kept it like this for several days, and the property never called. This also made my friend a little depressed. I didn’t expect that my Tesla was discriminated against. .

Mozi took this as a joke, but many viewers also expressed that this is the normal state of the property. They can’t afford luxury cars. Tesla cars are a joke in high-end communities. And many viewers also said that in fact, the property also acts according to complaints. If no one complains, the property will not do anything. This is obviously because someone complains that Tesla is stuck, and the property will deal with it.

I have to say that this wave of Mozi’s sharing has also made many viewers realize that high-end cars in high-end communities are also of different grades, and the property can pull Tesla into the black because Tesla has been placed in the normal free parking space many times. The list is indeed a bit bizarre. But for a community with more wealthy people, although the property publicly discriminates against Tesla, although it is a bit too material, this is indeed the current domestic norm! What do you viewers think of this wave of Mozi’s sharing? Welcome to leave a message and interact~