FAW-Volkswagen has created a sales volume of 1 million SUV family in less than 4 years. What does it rely on?

With a price of less than 400,000 yuan, choosing a large 7-seat SUV with six cylinders can be said to be one of the few choices. It’s not easy to get a 6-cylinder version and still be able to do it within 400,000.

It only took FAW-Volkswagen 4 years to create a total sales volume of 1 million SUV family

Speaking of FAW-Volkswagen’s SUV, it can be said to be a legendary story. As early as April this year, the cumulative sales of the FAW-Volkswagen SUV family has exceeded 1 million units. For any car company, a million sales are one. Landmark events, for example, many car companies will hold a special ceremony for the 1 millionth car. Many big car companies need six years or even more than ten years to achieve, while the FAW-Volkswagen SUV family only took 4 years. Time has created the total sales volume of 1 million SUV family. To be honest, the editor was also shocked when he saw this data. You know, before 2018, FAW-Volkswagen did not have SUV models. In July 2018, FAW-Volkswagen launched its first SUV, Tange. Regarding the sales volume of FAW-Volkswagen’s SUV family breaking one million in four years, the editor thinks There are two reasons.

Rich product line and word of mouth are an important source of FAW-Volkswagen sales

First of all, the product layout of FAW-Volkswagen SUVs is very rich, from the smallest explorer to the one larger than the Q7, from small to medium and large SUVs, what size and price SUV do you want to buy, it can be said that FAW Found inside the Volkswagen SUV family.

Secondly, the reputation of FAW-Volkswagen in China, whether you admit it or not, the brand value of Volkswagen in China is still very high. You can see Volkswagen cars everywhere in the streets, national highways or highways. In fact, this is also related to Volkswagen. For many years, the brand image that has been hard-earned in China is inseparable.

In 1991, Changchun FAW Group and the German Volkswagen Group jointly experienced FAW-Volkswagen, and the first car built was the famous Jetta. Interestingly, in 1996, Zhuhai taxi master Su Yaohong became popular overnight because he drove With his own Jetta, he created a record of 600,000 kilometers without overhaul, for which FAW-Volkswagen also rewarded him with a brand new Jetta.

Therefore, from the last century to today, FAW-Volkswagen’s solid and reliable image is an indelible existence in the eyes of many people. The cars of the year were mainly reliable and durable. Now, in addition to these, cars are also beginning to develop towards electric intelligence. , FAW-Volkswagen must also actively transform, for example, Volkswagen Langjing is equipped with adaptive cruise, active and passive safety, Harman audio, the same four-wheel drive system as Golf R, and has a large space at the same level, with length, width and height respectively: 5152 /2002/1795mm, the wheelbase reaches 2980mm, and it is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof, the area is also very considerable, the permeability is great, everything is available. More importantly, it has a V6 2.5T version to meet your high demand for power. If you do not have such strong requirements for power, there is also a four-cylinder version for you to choose from. The starting price is less than 300,000, which is very good. attractive.

Car review: Langjing is very particular about the naming of both Chinese and English

And the name of “Lanjing” is also very particular. “Lan” is the spirit and mind of the world and the world in the heart. “Jing” is the “harmonious environment” where career and family are harmoniously unified, and it is the achievement of oneself and others. “The Realm of Great Success”. The English name of Lanjing is Talagon, which is derived from Spanish. It is the combination of Tala and Dragon. Tala means “exploitation”, showing the attitude and momentum of social elites’ pioneering, enterprising and continuous innovation, while Dragon means “dragon”, highlighting the flagship King’s pose.