Fatty crashes a professional player, hangs the opponent in the game, and forces the opponent to surrender directly

Judging from the recent journey of Xiaopang’s redemption, it is still relatively smooth. Because Xiaopang’s own strength is relatively strong, so as long as his teammates play normally and don’t engage in mentality, it is relatively smooth to win the game. Let’s take a look at the latest game. Xiaopang and Ma Chao’s unique brother Xiaoyushen and Suzhou KSG team had a collision with Xiao A. Under the operation of his teammates, they actually fought and began to surrender directly.

In this game, Xiaopang chose Pei Jiehu as a jungler, while Xiaoyushen brought out his own expert Ma Chao, and Xiao A chose Sang Qi as his assistant. As far as Xiaopang’s lineup is concerned, the early stage is still relatively strong. The opponents are basically all late stage heroes, including jungler Luna. Therefore, once the rhythm of Xiaopang’s side is well grasped in the early stage, it will be difficult for the opposite side to turn over.

After entering the game, Xiaopang didn’t rush to Qingye for the first time, but chose to help the middle road to suppress a wave of opposing mages. Then directly invaded the opposite red zone and successfully obtained the red buff, which was a fatal blow to Luna. Without the blessing of the red BUFF, Luna was basically in a semi-crippled state in the early stage. And Xiao Chuan’s consciousness and thinking are relatively clear. Because Luna needs more blue buffs, so as long as the opposite blue area is refreshed, Xiaopang will directly go to the jungle. After brushing the opposite blue buffs twice in a row, Luna is basically gone.

The time came to six minutes. At this time, Luna only got a wave of blue BUFF. For this game, Luna has basically been abolished. So when the time to surrender comes, the other side will surrender immediately. Judging from the settlement interface, there is no one on the opposite side in the early stage, so it is no wonder that they choose to surrender.

All in all, Xiaopang’s strength is still very online. Once he encounters a normal teammate, he is basically in a state of flying. This game is the best example. I hope Xiaopang can continue to bring outstanding performance, and I also hope that netizens will give Xiaopang more encouragement. What do you think about the strength of Xiao Chuan? The above is all the content of this issue. We will see you in the next issue. If you have any unique views, please leave a message in the comment area to interact with us!