Fashionable and small face, no wonder Yang Mi wears it all day

As a top-notch power sister who brings goods, she can only choose her favorite items for her daily wear as a daily work girl, but recently there is a practical item that failed to escape my fiery eye. Still on variety shows, and even wearing a fisherman hat when going to the airport.

When it comes to the fisherman hat, it is not a new item. As early as the 1990s, it was popular as a must-have concave item on the seaside for a long time. After all, when the family was first born, it was really designed for the sunshade of fishermen who go out to sea, and the wide hat can also block the rain:

Relying on strong practicality, even soldiers during World War II had one copy. It is said that at that time, a fisherman hat could be used to distinguish soldiers from prisoners, which shows how popular this item was at that time:

Later, it was integrated by the ubiquitous fashion design as a standard for pop singers in the 1980s. That’s right, it was really cool for men to wear at first.

Today, this hat has long been dug up by big names. After all, how can fashion escape the good eyes of girls. It has changed the attributes of the sun hat that was only worn in the summer before, and now everyone wears it cool in winter. The not heavy material of the fisherman hat is suitable even for indoor wearing in winter. (Lavin introduced a fisherman hat made of gauze material as an accessory.) Incidentally, it can block the hairstyle that is not awake when rushing to work.

Practical and good-looking, it is not difficult to understand that it is popular. Today, we will combine the face shape to everyone Amway’s recently popular big-name fisherman hats, so as to better help everyone avoid lightning.

As a relatively standard face shape, there is a relatively large selection space for fisherman hats. The most handsome umbrella-shaped fisherman hats are recommended. The naturally drooping brim has a great effect on highlighting the delicate face shape. Xuanya usually wears fisherman hats. is this style:

Naza and Bella are also standard sunflower faces. They prefer an umbrella-shaped fisherman hat with a slightly drooping brim in their daily choice of fisherman hats. On the one hand, the umbrella-shaped brim will not block a large area of ​​the face and completely release the advantages. On the other hand, this version is indeed more fashionable and versatile:

It’s a little difficult to change the look every day to match the fisherman hat. If you want to choose a style that is more everyday, you might as well look at Chanel’s fisherman hat with a full-print logo. The color is versatile enough and the style is not too picky, whether you bring it to work or a party. Travel is all right.

Not to mention Chanel, even if it is a fisherman hat, it can design two drooping hat straps.

The color of this Xiaoxiangjia fisherman hat is very special, that is, the big-name and versatile gray series is really white on the back, so you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of wearing a lot of hats.

There is love for elegance, and there is love for simplicity. Chanel’s latest fisherman hat pure black and white double Clogo is a simple and fashionable type.

The shallow mouth design allows this hat to be worn in a shallower depth, and wearing sunglasses will not be blocked by the brim. With the brim that is opened wider, it shows a vibrant atmosphere. It is a sweet and cool item.

This fisherman hat is so easy to wear that it is not difficult for boys to wear it. Some time ago, Wang Yibo was photographed taking him out of the street several times:

There is also a color style that is more suitable for trendy people. The color matching of blue-green ➕ rose pink is more fashionable and bold, but this one is more suitable for wearing with colorful contrasting colors in summer. Girls who like this hat should choose the basic style in winter. Bar.

Not to mention that the standard face shape is self-willed, what kind of style is very good to wear, such as this LOEWE fisherman hat on Song Qian’s head:

LOEWE, which has always admired natural design, has incorporated a lot of the essence of its own design into this hat. The freshness of the white base color and the enthusiasm of the colorful patterns combine to create a very young and fashionable sense of youth.

This kind of hat is easy to match with colorful patterned items, and it is typical to wear a single item that looks better than it looks. If you are more confident in your own fashion, it is more appropriate to start with the price now. It is recommended to buy one to try, which will definitely give you unexpected results.

At this time, it’s the turn of the big cousin to play again. As a representative of good taste in daily wear, it can be seen that Liu Wen prefers the matching of flat-top fisherman hats. Generally, such hats can cover more because of the deeper design of the flat-top. The upper face is modified to make a good-looking face.

It can be seen that when Liu Wen wears a fisherman hat, she usually presses the hat very low, covers her forehead and ears, and modifies the slightly longer upper face to make her face more balanced.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a hat with a high, deep and wide brim is this French straw hat. In fact, the current flat-top fisherman hat draws on its inspiration, such as drooping and blocking more brim and straight hat body.

The biggest advantage of this hat type is that the hat can be pressed very low, creating a fan of my most mysterious and cool big-name stars. Xiao Taishan and Tan Weiwei both did this:

Prada, who plays the cool ceiling, has always followed a simple line for its items. Instead of too much decoration, he has worked hard on the texture of the material. This fisherman hat is made of polyester rainproof silk fabric, which is very light to wear.

Because this fabric has better ductility and flexibility, the brim of this hat is also made very light, and it is easy to be lowered and fluttered in the wind. It is very helpful for pretending to be cool. .

Another advantage of this kind of fabric is that it is light enough and breathable, and it is very comfortable to wear outdoors and indoors without a heavy head pressure, even for boys who love sports.

This item of his family has been really popular for a while, but the recently launched fisherman hats of different materials and fabrics make the choice more abundant. For example, the teddy velvet fabric looks quite cute, and there is more room for choice and matching space. more.

In addition to the two models just mentioned, minor modifications have been made to the details, such as the use of frayed wool on the brim of the cotton fisherman hat, and woven fabrics are available, and the price is lower. The high-saturation colors added to this year’s fire give more possibilities to the trendy people. However, as a single product that is worn frequently, fresher fabrics may be more difficult to maintain. The cleaning of terry cloth and the wear resistance of sequins are all Think about it.

As a fisherman hat with a relatively large depth, another advantage is that it can be worn very low and relatively shaded. LV’s fisherman hat has done a very good job in this regard. The wide brim is very suitable for blocking the face, which is very safe.

His fisherman hat is made of denim, and it has an uninhibited sense of freedom as a whole, which is very easy to wear. Super sunshade, very practical to wear while driving or travel in the sun:

There is also a nylon fabric old flower logo bucket hat, which reduces the weight of denim canvas and is very light to wear.

In addition to this kind of everyday style, LV also combined the latest psychedelic stripes this year to create a short plush fisherman hat, which is more trendy and cute to wear, suitable for girls with soft temperament and cuteness.

To say that the most classic is the denim Logo, other styles are basically similar in hat shape, and may be more subtle in color matching. If you wear more everyday, choose the classic style.

Compared with the two types mentioned above, the dome fisherman hat is a relatively popular and new style recently. This type of hat is more suitable for girls with cute temperament and is more friendly to heart-shaped or fleshy faces. If you don’t believe me, every hat of Lisa’s little fleshy face is of this type:

In fact, this style was originally designed by European and American girls to neutralize the angular face shape. The cute hexagrams full of colors are worn by Asian girls without hesitation, but they can highlight the cute and playful temperament.

Even if Yang Mi wears a down jacket with a mask, the dome plush fisherman hat instantly pulls up the fashion sense:

At present, the most popular and classic item of this item is Kangol’s small kangaroo dome fisherman hat, which has long become a daily must-have item for all major Instagram celebrities. After wearing it daily, it is indeed a lot more casual and sweet.

The sweetness that can bring this is inseparable from his style. The higher brim will not block the face too much, and the forehead and ears can leak out more clearly. The facial lines of girls with fleshy faces are clearer. clear.

I believe that girls with fleshy faces know that squeezing hair will make the face look fat and round. And the design of the small dome will not press down a lot when wearing it, it only needs to be buttoned on the head lightly, and the fluffy hairstyle can be retained.

It is precisely because of the cute features of the dome fisherman hat that Kangol designers used soft and cute plush fabrics on it to further enhance its cuteness. However, it is only limited to small-headed people. Girls with round hair and faces should choose ordinary fabrics obediently. The inflated visual effect of plush fabrics will be very big.

The cost-effectiveness of Kangol, which can break through the siege of the big brands, is his big killer. The super affordable price allows you to buy all your favorite styles at the price of a big-name hat, and wear them every day.

Since the dome fisherman hat is so cute, it is better to make the cuteness more extreme. Ganni, who is also a designer brand, combines thick knitted fabrics with colorful plaids. The cute appearance can’t help but remind people of mother’s knitted sweaters.

This hat is made of knitted material, so it can dig a lot of fashionable holes in the hat, which is not possible with other fabrics. And this hat can really be worn all day, even if it is worn indoors in the north, it will not feel stuffy.

Not to mention that designer brands can play, one design directly brings four colors, from cream yellow to brown earth color, the color selection range of the whole hat is quite wide. I have seen the girls around me buy them all to match their makeup and change them every day. Of course, the price is not high and there is no pressure to start.

As an artifact of concave shape, the fisherman hat now has more accessories and attributes, and it is more for girls who want to look good but are too lazy to organize their hairstyles. It can be regarded as a lazy and beautiful artifact. Don’t be picky among the many styles. Today’s recommendation is only to narrow down the selection. According to my experience, it is similar to the “face item” like hats and sunglasses. It is better to try it in person. It will be safer, after all. The arms and legs are similar, and everyone’s face is different.

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