Fashion Office|In this star photography contest, CCD takes half of the credit

People today are really “Renaissance”!

The “point-and-shoot” popular in the early 2000s has once again become a new toy for fashionistas.

In the backstage of the fashion week some time ago, a small “point-and-shoot camera” like CCD has exploded a lot of supermodel and show pictures.

Retro baby “Bella Haidi is also the number one fan of CCD. Before watching the show, you have to take a camera with you to shoot the backstage. After the show, you have to take it with you to shoot fans. When your boyfriend is helping to shoot OOTD, a card camera is a must!

When friends gather, they are even better at drawing pictures (at this moment I envy Bella’s partner)!

Bella also added an external flash to the camera, which has a retro dreamy texture under the “slag image quality” and “graininess” of the old card camera, covered with a hazy filter effect, and a small one Going out doesn’t take up space at all.

This camera with a lot of appearances is the Ricoh GR series, but which COCO has not been picked up yet! Is there any sister who knows how to tell COCO, I plan to make a wave!

I have to say that the team that joins the card camera is getting stronger and stronger, from Ouyang Nana to BLACKPINK, Kendall Jenner…beautiful girls have one, the key is that the finished film is really beautiful!

This kind of card camera is actually a CCD, the full name of which is Charge coupled Device in English.

For now, because the pixel of the camera is not very high, the film produced has a nostalgic atmosphere of the millennium, and it can still be shot and watched, for some sisters who don’t want to wait for the film to be developed. , really stepped on the excitement!

And this kind of camera does not need to adjust parameters like the current professional cameras, but has direct, ready-made camera modes and built-in filters to choose from. The fool operation mode can make you a photographer in the circle of friends in minutes!

The most important thing is that it is very convenient to carry. It is small and exquisite to hang around the neck, and it does not take up much space at all. The price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. If you plan to record your daily life, CCD is a very cost-effective of!

Image source: Xiaohongshu@I am a little genius!

The domestic fashion icons are also quite powerful in choosing cameras, and the price-performance ratio is also relatively high. COCO has selected several popular card cameras. Interested friends can check whether Xianyu has any stock!

Kyocera SL300

When Ms. Xu went to Yi Mengling’s house in the middle of the night a few days ago, she pulled out the CCD camera that she often used. This Kyocera SL300 is her favorite.

The metal body is very chic, and the thin body is not burdensome to take out every day. It can also flip the lens around for easy selfie needs. The old lens with 320W pixels has a lot of film feeling and noise, but it is very cinematic after a simple post-production.

Image source: Xiaohongshu@sister Ke Song

Now the second-hand market can start at about 360!


Ouyang Nana is also a big camera owner, and she often posts her camera pictures on Xiaohongshu. Among them, Olympus is very worthwhile for beginners. For example, the U2 zoom170 has a classic fixed focus of 35mm, a maximum aperture of 2.8, and the design with flash can be better for shooting at night, but it is now very high in the second-hand market ( The original price is only three digits), PS: This is a film machine.

If you want to buy a digital partner, you can take a look at the XZ-1 series from the same brand. This year, it has also been recognized by many fashionable icons. Yao Chi, a photography teacher, wrote a long story about this camera. In his view Come to this camera is – galactic level of ease of use!

This is a later model of CCD. It has 1900w pixels. The technology has been greatly improved. It is not easy to paste. The production rate is quite good, and the current price is not particularly fierce.

Ricoh GR

The Ricoh GR series that Bella personally brought, in addition to the advantages of being easy to carry, the focus is fast and the snapshot mode is very good. The 1620W pixel is very suitable for blind shooting, and the quality of the film is not bad.

Image source: Xiaohongshu@水儿waterbabygirl

Ricoh GR series shooting pictures

Image source: Xiaohongshu@yeju

Unlike other CCDs, the Ricoh GR series also has a unique Moriyama Daido mode. At that time, a famous street photographer in Japan took a lot of wonderful works with the Ricoh GR series, so this model came into being.

Image source: Weibo @YLOG17

The only shortcoming is that the performance is average on cloudy days, but adding an external flash like Bella can solve this problem, and now the price is about 4,000 yuan.

Image source: Xiaohongshu@anonymous beauties

With the popularity of retro style, the premium of CCD cameras in the second-hand market is really quite high. A friend of COCO bought an Olympus from Xianyu some time ago. The price is about 1500, which is more expensive than the ex-factory price. Hundreds of dollars.

But if you really consider buying a CCD camera, you may wish to refer to the following three tips:

look at pixels

The pixels of many CCD cameras are less than 2 million, which is actually not applicable at present. It is really similar to mosaic, so more than 10 million pixels should be a more suitable range. But if you just want that high-noise feel, then you can ignore that.

Image source: Xiaohongshu@YC

see accessories

After all, it is an old object from more than ten years ago. When you buy it in the second-hand market or Xianyu, you must check the status of the camera, and also check whether the accessories are complete, because if many accessories are missing, it is difficult to find matching ones. .

see price

As for the price, under normal circumstances, the premium is around 100-200 yuan, and you can comprehensively consider it according to your own budget.

The CCD is back in sight, and it seems that it also reminds us of our childhood memories. Now it’s better to buy one to record your exclusive clips!