Fashion Culture|In the name of literature, the beauty of Chinese clothing is blooming

“Chinese clothing is one of the earliest forms of materialization of human culture and even aesthetic culture.” Professor Cai Ziwei said in “History of Chinese Clothing Aesthetics”. Throughout the history of China, since “Yellow Emperor Yao and Shun hung his clothes and ruled the world”, the deep meaning of clothing has long exceeded the practical role of covering shame and keeping warm.

 The changes and evolution of clothing are closely related to the changes of the times and society. Clothing is not only the “skin” of a country, but also the most intuitive way of presenting national culture, and it is also a collective memory of self-knowledge.

China has great etiquette, so it is called Xia; because of the beauty of clothing, it is called Hua. In the literary works that have been passed down through a hundred years, clothing is reflected and expressed in poetry, prose, novels and other forms in a literary, appreciative and symbolic way. This kind of “expression” is not only the most sensitive weather vane for fashion changes, but also the most vivid and vivid image and civilization record carrier of a country, a society, and an era.

The ancient and the present, the virtual and the real, the human exploration of science and technology has never stopped, just like a fashion that has repeatedly broken the barriers of time and space. Since the launch of “Huaxia Yiguanzhi” in 2021, it has deconstructed the commercial value of Neo-Orientalist aesthetics, provided inspiration and reference demonstrations for the cultural creation of the global fashion industry, and completed the 1.0 stage of exploration and the 2.0 application stage of technology.

In 2022, the first year of China’s fashion metaverse, we will set off again to empower fashion with technology and create a metaverse immersive oriental aesthetics and fashion culture museum with four-wheel drive of culture, art, technology and business, so as to provide more consumers with culture While nourishing, we will work with the whole industry to jointly launch Huaxia Clothing Ambition 3.0.

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