Fantasy Westward Journey: Your vitality is very valuable, at least worth a small goal

Event time: 12:00 on September 7th to 12:00 on September 13th

The 2023 Teacher’s Day event has been launched, and the CD time for summoned beasts to use the Beast Refining Scripture has also been refreshed. Almost all players want to maximize the benefits of “physical work” during these days. How to manage physical work reasonably during Teachers’ Day? Here, we summarize the following “2 points”


Okay, no more kidding.

Before summarizing the tips, everyone needs to know one thing – 7 hours and 45 minutes. This is the time it takes for an account to go from 0 physical strength to overflowing physical strength.

1. Only answer questions if you have physical strength

During the event, your physical strength will only be used to answer questions. Answering a question once within 7 hours and 45 minutes will ensure that your physical strength is not overflowed! Consider using a toolbox when answering questions. Also, don’t rush for seconds. If it is almost 10 points and your physical strength is not exhausted at this time, you can consider waiting for the next hour before answering the question. This will avoid the situation where the old man ran away after choosing a topic~

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You can try to use the toolbox, which contains the answers to the “Look at the Pictures and Talk” game every hour on the hour, as well as the answer to the “Who is the top student” game in the racing game. You can turn on the clicker before answering the question. Enter the keyword or the initial letter of the keyword to get the correct answer immediately.

2. Vitality processing methods

Method 1——Cultivation point

This method is the most convenient and can directly handle all the energy at once. Training points are very helpful for upgrading summoned beasts and mounts. They may not be needed right now, but it is always good to prepare them in advance.

Method 2 – Furniture Drawings

It is also a good choice to stock up on some furniture drawings, 2 of each type. After the event is over, if you need to use furniture, you can go directly to the warehouse to take it out and make it.

Way 3 – Cooking

If the house is equipped with a kitchen, the chance of cooking at home is doubled. During the event, all products related to vitality will be reduced in price (except for centipede).

Players with relatively high cooking skills may consider making this prop themselves. The increased vitality of edible centenarians can recycle materials for supply. The cost of making homemade centipedes is not only lower than the purchase price, but you can also use your own wealthy centipedes to sell them. Under normal circumstances, keeping 10 high-quality centenarians for one character can last the entire activity cycle, and the excess can be used to set up stalls to gain additional income.

Method 4 – Refining Medicine

The second-level medicines picked up by planting trees and the second-level medicines obtained when the sect clears levels can also come in handy at this time. You can also clear out the two medicines in the warehouse, and there will always be a chance to use them later in the master level.

Method 5—Sell Talisman to Strengthen

During the event, temporary charms are very easy to sell. Although its price has been reduced, the benefit of its zero cost cannot be ignored. When everyone hangs up and recovers their physical strength, setting up a stall to sell talismans is also a good choice~

Generally speaking, there will be excess energy during the Teacher’s Day activities. The above four methods can reasonably deal with the overflowing energy value. In addition, players who are usually reluctant to play talismans can consider playing some talismans to challenge difficult tasks. For example, players who usually farm 2+2 artifacts can try 3+3.

After all, most artifact tasks require handing in cooking or three medicines. In addition to increasing the rewards obtained, it can also consume some inventory items, so that the warehouse space will not be too tight~