Fantasy Westward Journey Wukai Research Institute: Understand the Shenwei lineup in three minutes, your game experience is up to you

Hello everyone, I am Zhu Yingjun, who has been practicing in the Fantasy Westward Journey Duokai Market for two and a half years. Since the current environment has affected the lives of many small partners, we have also received a lot of questions about “opening more” to get rich. But the matter of “opening more” is not something that can be easily finished in one article. So, today I will give you a solution to the problem of thinking!

First, clear and open ideas

The 109-level multi-opening faction is currently the “multi-opening” threshold with the widest selection, the lowest cost and relatively good income in Fantasy Westward Journey. The characteristics of this level are mainly “short, flat and fast”. In layman’s terms, the finished product time is short, the investment curve is smooth, and the cost recovery is relatively fast. For this level of Wukai, the choice of martial arts is the first priority, which will be directly related to the investment cost of the character.

2. Task-specialized lineup

At present, the more popular is the “task-specialized” team, which usually consists of multiple sects. For example, the lineup composed of Putuo Mountain, Bottomless Pit, and Underworld is very good. Its advantages are mainly concentrated in “fast”, and it is extremely efficient when facing monsters with less blood.

The investment cost of this type of team is not high, as long as the character training reaches 13/9/9, and with the “high demon heart, law violence” Xumi of about 400 yuan, it can play an advantage, and it is more suitable for catching ghosts, dungeons and weekend activities. Of course, if you want to catch ghosts, you still need to deploy a few high-injury and high-level pets with fast attack speed.

This type of team is more suitable for small partners who usually have less time and weekends, and their efficiency in specific tasks is currently the highest in the Fantasy Westward Journey Shenwei section. However, its shortcomings are also obvious. When facing the ring task and the more difficult Qi Tan task, the quality of the summoned beast will directly determine the task experience.

However, these kinds of roles are usually sold very well, and no one can beat the cost recovery.

3. Comprehensive multi-teaming

The comprehensive multi-opening team is the current “mainstream” team. This type of team usually appears in a lineup system of “single seal, double support, and double output”. This type of multi-opening not only has a higher output than the “Task Specialization” lineup, but also has a lot more quest types.

Physics is usually not needed in this type of team. If you really want physics, it is recommended to use Wuzhuangguan instead. After all, Li Wuzhuang not only has a rune set bonus at the level of 109, but also has a very good effect on the master of the mist and rain swordsmanship. Coupled with the characteristics of being able to seal and restore blood blue, it is really fragrant to lead the team by brushing tasks.

If you want to be more efficient, it is better to choose the bottomless pit. This choice and the above “task specialization” belong to a class of ideas, so I won’t elaborate too much here.

In addition, the core of this team lies in the legal system, and the equipment and spiritual accessories of the legal system play a decisive role in the output of the team. It can be said that if your wallet is abundant and you create two spells with extremely fast speed and high damage, the output of this team will be much higher than that of “Task Specialization”.

4. Heaven and Earth Challenge Team

Of course, the happiness of level 109 also includes Tian Gang Di Sha and challenging tasks. It can be said that many high-end Tianyuan Wukai teams used to play 109 “Tiandi Wukai” before. Although this type of team is not suitable for ordinary players, if the financial resources are sufficient, the experience of playing such a group of five is very comfortable.

Under normal circumstances, the Tiandi Challenge Team will adopt the mode of Wuzhuang, Daughters, Huasheng/Putuo, Lingbo City, and Demon King Village. This lineup has high output and strong comprehensiveness. Although the current high-end Tiandi team will lead Fangcunshan, if you don’t kill 6X Tiandi, Wuzhuang and daughter are enough.

There is another advantage to this combination. Wuzhuangguan and Lingbo City can use their full power to single-point the main monster. The group seconds of Daughter Village and Putuo Mountain are not weak, and the task ability of Demon King Village is obvious to all. However, those who can afford to play the world of Wukai, the quality of their summoned beasts is extremely high, and they will even choose Wuzhuang and Lingbo defense methods to improve efficiency when brushing regular tasks.


In general, the current mainstream 109-level multi-open lineup is three sets. Ordinary players can choose the “task-specialized” lineup, which is low-cost and high-efficiency, and will also improve in the future; players with good economic strength choose the “comprehensive” lineup, and the output cap and efficiency of this lineup are high. Xia far exceeds “task specialization”; players with strong strength can choose to break through themselves and challenge Xia Tiandi Wukai!

The content of this issue is mainly to help you clarify the lineup ideas, because the lineup is the core of the multi-opening. Whether it is a male account, a female account, or a solid injury or spell injury, there are also huge differences in the cost of equipment. These contents will be divided into lineup types and put in the follow-up articles, you can look forward to it!