Fantasy Westward Journey Wenge God Blessed Knife “Leaving the Pavilion and Entering the Building”! Refining the shavings of the rhinoceros actually earned a brand

There are many ways to get rich in Fantasy Westward Journey. Some players like to build equipment, while others find a new way to work on the antique black market and artifact system. Now, let’s take a look at their results today!

1. Brother Wen’s God Blessed Knife “Going out of the Pavilion and Entering the Building”, Qiyunlou opened the 2.0 era

Recently, in addition to announcing to join the Qiyun Loufu team, Uncle Si also purchased the “God’s Blessing” special knife used by Brother Wen in those days. Entering the pavilion and leaving the pavilion countless times, the owner of Qi Yun laughed haha” existence. In addition, Uncle Si also bought back his beloved 160-level Arhat Admiralty piercing shoes. As far as this update is concerned, the future results of the Qiyun Loufu team are very worth looking forward to!

2. Can Refining Spiritual Rhinoceros also counterattack?

Today, fans sent in contributions. The fan saw that he had nothing to do after his physical strength was full, so he ran to the iron furnace to make a wave of “Lingxi shavings”, and at the beginning of the game, he gave out 9 additional conscientious shavings. According to the purchase price of 36W per unit in his region, he made about 3.2 million yuan by refining 10 pieces of Lingxi shavings at a time. In addition, in the subsequent refining process, he produced 7 pieces of Lingxi shavings once, and properly earned a brand. From this point of view, there are many ways to get rich in dreams, as long as you are lucky, nothing is impossible!

3. Lucky players like to improve the injury collar

Coincidentally, another player today got rich by creating summoned beast equipment. The player spiritually created a summoned beast equipment with damage +58 and strength +31. Although this piece of equipment has a lower base speed, its damage bonus is quite good. Moreover, the current high-injury summoned beast equipment is in a state of “supply less than demand”, and it will definitely sell for a pretty good price.

4. Does the system have credibility?

Today, in order to verify the authenticity of the system lottery, a little brother spent 100W to buy 10 items, ready to try his luck on the antique black market.

As a result, after the ten items were sold, the younger brother only recovered 710,761 taels, a loss of 289,239 taels compared to the cost, which was considered a small loss. In this regard, he said that although the words of the system can be trusted, but they cannot be completely trusted, and he can withstand this wave of losses. I don’t know if you guys will try it when you see the “Dai Ji gameplay” of the system lottery?

Well, today’s news is here. If you meet any interesting things inside or outside the game, you can contribute to us!