Fantasy Westward Journey waist total return for the first time to identify and harvest Jingqing, 5W black iron box can also counterattack the tens of millions of high beasts

Last month’s no-level night, Pharaoh’s lore and comeback scene is unforgettable to this day, and now it’s the day of this month’s no-level night, what kind of splendor will he show? With the big change in October, the Yudao service team ushered in personnel changes, and a powerful Putuo Mountain will officially join! For the specific situation, I will take you to find out immediately.

1. Indus made a good start on the eve of the no-level night

On the eve of the no-level night, Wutong identified the half-car’s level 150 equipment. As a result, under the pressure of all 9 pieces of equipment being blank, Wutong finally exploded a pair of 150-level no-level shoes.

According to the current situation of high-end competition, every top player needs 5-hole high-attribute no-level shoes to improve their resistance. These shoes occupy a large market, and their price can be waited for by the boss.

And Wutong’s next move is an eye-opener for us.

2. The two-shot book of the page-turning clean-room magic boy

(Page-turning skill advanced lucky)

With the luck of “good luck”, Wutong wrote a book for the page-turning clean table in the picture above, planning to destroy one of the two blue skills, and immediately shot a hundred billion beasts of good and evil.

Gao Ye came in to cover the anti-shock, and the dream of the phoenix tree came true! Wutong took pictures of good and evil without saying a word. This time, the high power was lost. Although the supplementary suit can still be used now, it also ruined the way to fight the gods and horses.

3. Review Pharaoh’s No-level Night

After several hours of hard work in the no-level night, Lao Wang successfully completed the identification of all the contestants’ resources. This time, I didn’t get a level-free harvest, but several pieces of Jingqing equipment came out. The most eye-catching is this 160-level Jingqing female head, a proper server level! Its value is equivalent to 7-8 130 national standard unranked weapons, and it can be considered unranked from another angle.

Secondly, there is also a female head with double blue characters. The characteristics of the blue characters are quite good, but unfortunately the stunt is useless and the value is average.

Finally, there is a 140-level anti-sky three-blue-character weapon, which adds brilliance and must be hit, and also has good damage.

So, what’s your favorite piece of gear?

4. Mr. Yao returned to the fishing island to serve as Putuo, and he appraised the equipment and harvested surprises

The tenth person in Yudao is Mr. Yao, a meritorious member who won the championship in the 149th Wushen altar that year. In addition to dealing with the upcoming major reform of the martial arts, his joining can also improve the team’s martial arts lineup, making the tactical play more changeable.

After Mr. Yao entered the island, he turned on the crazy identification mode. He didn’t expect to come out with 120-level Jingqing shoes. These shoes only have 4 holes, but they are enough to deal with help battles and difficult tasks.

5. Can you believe this? Black iron box counterattack high beast tactics

Recently, a player used 50,000 fantasy coins to open the black iron box, and actually counterattacked the advanced sneak attacking beast technique worth 40 million. He was very surprised by this, because he had driven hundreds of black iron boxes, and it was the first time he had obtained the High Beast Art, and it was the most valuable one.

In order to confirm his experience, the player specially posted the achievement picture. He has never opened the gold box, and the previous silver box was opened by mistake.

So here comes the question, have you tried using a black iron box to create a high beast trick? Come and tell your story in the comment section.