Fantasy Westward Journey to the Forbidden City adds another “strong general” to the championship! Will the dog brother suit team become the monkey brother killer?

The end of the year is approaching, and the major servers of Fantasy Westward Journey have also begun to sprint for the Wushen altar champion at the end of the year. In the past, the Forbidden City was vigorously updated, and then there was the Treasure Pavilion to secretly switch schools. Below, let’s take a look at it together!

1. The Forbidden City adds another “major general”

Recently, the Forbidden City service team has gone through untold hardships and once again became a 10-skill watcher. Not only is the speed aptitude very powerful, but it also carries skills such as high sensitivity and high mental concentration, and is a proper “T1” level clearing god pet.

In addition, a large number of cutting-edge summoned beast equipment has also been updated, each of which is the current top existence. It seems that at the end of this year, the Forbidden City will definitely attack the champion!

2. Brother Gou Xi mentions “Shenhao” teammates

Recently, with his excellent commanding strength, Brother Gou has successfully attracted the boss of Huguangyan’s server, Tiao Zong.

Tiao is always a very strong legal player. Except for the belt position, his equipment is all level 160 magic violence probability and magic violence damage equipment. There are also mainstream summoned beasts such as dark horse, listening, and clean platform (hardware review). ). It is worth mentioning that the Huguang Yanfu team that Tiao was in before often lost to Brother Monkey in the promotion competition. This time, teaming up with Brother Gou, he is expected to succeed in revenge!

3. Mr. Xiong temporarily leaves the Xizha old street uniform team

According to fans, Mr. Xiong, one of the core members of the Xizha Old Street suit team, left the Xizha Old Street suit to fight the heroes on October 20, 2022, and his position has been replaced by the new “Gai Shen”. Up to now, Mr. Xiong’s roles in Xizha Old Street have all withdrawn, and this wave of operations has also caused a crisis in Xizha Old Street at the core recovery point of “Huasheng Temple”. This time, can Fenglang Juxu successfully “transcend the calamity”?

4. The Demon King Village of the Treasure Pavilion returns to the Godswood Forest

Recently, the Treasure Pavilion has turned the Demon King Village, which had performed well in the Martial God Altar, back to the Shenmu Forest. This wave of operations is really confusing.

As far as the performance of the Sword Club World is concerned, the facial injury system based on “Lion Camel and Shenmu” in the Treasure Pavilion has reinvented the champion of the Kewu God Altar, and the power of the lineup should not be underestimated. However, the current mainstream facial injuries in the martial arts altar are still “Demon King, Shenmu”. Although the operation of the revolving door of the treasure pavilion may be related to the October sect reform, it also has the meaning of burying murderous intentions. You can expect the performance of their new lineup. !

Well, today’s Wushen altar weather vane is here. If you meet any interesting things in the game or outside, you can contribute to us!