Fantasy Westward Journey: The price of runestones will increase again, no matter how expensive the runestones are, they will be sold out in seconds.

Do you know the gem merchant in Fantasy Westward Journey? The editor is not talking about those players in Fantasy Westward Journey, the editor is talking about the NPC of the gem merchant. You can buy a lot of items from the gem merchant.

The price of runestones is going to increase again. No matter how expensive the runestones are, they will be empty in seconds.

In fact, the cost of buying gems, runes and other items in Gem Shanghai may be relatively low, but most of the gem merchants on the server are controlled by the player merchants, and the items refreshed will be used by the other party. Instantly empty.

The player above found that the runestones in his server are very popular. The unidentified runestones brushed by the gem merchants on the server above will be emptied in seconds, even if the price of runestones has risen to 150,000 sometimes. , which means that the consumption of Runestones in Fantasy Westward Journey has increased, and the demand for Runestones has increased, and the price of Runestones will also increase accordingly.

Treasure Mountain’s reward is no worse than that of a kind-hearted gambler. If you are lucky, you can dig out C66 every time.

The gameplay that you can participate in on Saturday morning is not just a gambler, you can also participate in a variety of community games on Saturday morning. There is a treasure mountain in the community gameplay, and you can get rewards by digging treasures in the treasure mountain gameplay. Lucky players may get props for every shovel dug in Treasure Mountain. The player above will get the reward of Super Golden Liulu. Lucky players can also get level 100 pearls. From the point of view of item rewards , the Treasure Mountain gameplay is no worse than the partial rewards of the compassionate ghost crossing.

D5 pulled the cart and encountered a disobedient person, agreed the rules and stole the mutation

In the past, there were a lot of Dragon Palace players with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Fantasy Westward Journey. Now these Dragon Palaces with single towers have all gone to D5, and these people did not bring D5 to make money. These people are in D5 to catch babies, so these D5 dragons When leading a team, it is generally free, but he requires that the trumpets in the team cannot be caught or stolen. The D5 dragon above encountered an unruly one, because the other party actually robbed the refreshed one. Mutation, which caused the above player to not dare to bring high-level characters in D5 in the future. If this kind of thing continues to develop, it may be more troublesome for everyone to add magic weapon aura in the future.

Players who purchase Gao Beast Jue in the pocket class, the Gao Beast Jue in the pocket warehouse can’t put it down

The pocket version of Fantasy Westward Journey is also the mall of Fantasy Westward Journey in the mouth of the players. In the pocket version of Fantasy Westward Journey, you can get a lot of prop rewards. The old man above regarded the pocket version of Fantasy Westward Journey as a pocket Taoist. He A large number of high-level World of Warcraft purchases on the pocket version have to be decided, and the warehouse of the pocket version has been filled.

The editor wants to know the battle situation of the above player, because the types of beast tricks obtained in the pocket Taoist are also random, and the probability of obtaining worthless beast tricks will be relatively high. After playing so many pocket Taoists, the above one Players should lose a lot of money.

The 109 is out of the 130. It is not a dream and it is not worth upgrading.

The above is a 130-level weapon with never-wear special effects, but this weapon is not the dream of the physics department. If you have such a weapon, what would you choose to do?

Judging from the equipment worn by the character, it should be a level 109 character. For a special non-grinding weapon that is not a dream of the physics department at level 130, the cost of upgrading from level 109 to level 159 is still relatively high, so The editor really doesn’t recommend upgrading, but you can prepare for the upgrade, that is, first accumulate reserves and experience at level 109, and then upgrade when you have enough experience, and let the character’s level stop to 159, instead of For the above weapon, I rose to level 159 in one go.