Fantasy Westward Journey: Take the number 175 Lingbo City, with 3 pieces of 15 forging equipment, you can play all kinds of PK

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Do you still remember the number 175 Lingbo City that Haozi showed a few days ago? At that time, many fans called out violence after watching it, and wanted to continue to watch a few more accounts like that. I have to say that the account with a bag is really interesting, not only because of how violent this account is, but also a test of a player’s understanding of the prices in the area. If you are not careful, you may spend money unjustly! The one shown last time was a 13-forged Lingbo City, and he was more inclined to help fight. Today Hao Zai will continue to show you a 175-level Lingbo City number, and this number only has 3 pieces of 15 forging equipment, its value can be imagined. Don’t say much, just get on the number!

Take the number 175 high-end Limbo City, with 3 pieces of 15 forging equipment, you can play all kinds of PK with the number!

Because it is a number, there is no temporary symbol. This is also an attribute without an artifact. His artifact adds 94 damage, and he does not have a ring. A good ring can add more than 100 damage. From the point of view, he is taking a high-speed physical route. This kind of number is still very common in leagues or sword clubs, and many physics departments are even faster than auxiliary ones.

The 150-level blood-shattering madness attacking the Star Shattering Jue set the male head, hit 15 forged red agate, it is already very top, after all, few players give 16 forging to the Shattering Star Jue set.

Level 160 Star Fragmentation Necklace, with an additional physical crit chance of 1.11%, 240 initial spirits after smelting, and 10 forging relics.

Level 150 Juli God Ape Special Armor, stamina double plus 62, hit 13 Forged Moon Stone.

Level 150 Shattering Peerless Shattering Star Jue set shoes, hit 14 black gems.

Level 150 Angry Star Shattered Jue set belt, hit 15 black gems.

The level 160 special weapon, Li and Min double plus 66, hit 15 forged red agate, the total damage of all attributes is about 1013, the damage is not too high, but it is enough for PK.

The bottom row of earrings has double damage and one speed. I bought this model without a ring. The bottom row of the jewelry has two qi and blood and one defense. The bottom row of the bracelet has two defenses and one qi and blood.

8 skills are amazing to win Sumeru Tushan Hitomi, the suit is equipped with high law, not high will, and the feature is the instant method.

4 Skills High-speed blood pet golden body Arhat, can be used as a pace for yourself.

The 7th skill is unexpected, Xumi boy, this is more inclined to brush tasks, the characteristics are washed with homeopathy, and it can also be used as a PK starting pet.

The 7th skill blood attack power splits the boy, and many three attack teams also like to start with this power split, and directly click on the opponent’s seal.

13 Skills Inheritance Into Violent Sumeru Demonized Boy, it seems that there are many skills, but it may not be as valuable as surprise Sumeru.

The 3 skill Night Dance Allure Night Rakshasa, from the point of view of adding points, does not seem to be anti-Cihang, it should be used for the opening and starting.

The 10th skill is a surprise Xumi tear demon, this skill is better than the demonized boy above.

8 skills high-speed blood pet boy, the characteristic wash is flash.

The last condensing light refining color turtle fast blood pet Miaohua Tiannv.

Alright, this 175-level Lingbo City number is displayed, his skill training is definitely full, and he also brought the angel pig pig auspicious, but there is no blue and white porcelain. The only thing missing is one ring, but you can make do with just one in seconds. How much do you think a number like this is worth? Welcome to leave a comment!