Fantasy Westward Journey Skull Tang Dynasty is a man’s romance? Players share the strategy of starting from a thousand yuan!

Recently, many players have asked us how to play Skull Tang? What level is appropriate to play? How to match the equipment? Today, we invited a senior Datang player, who will give his opinions to players who like Skeleton Datang. Now, let’s learn together!

1. Level 69 can experience the fun of the Skeleton Tang Dynasty

Although Skull Tang is a full-level gameplay, if you want to experience the joy of it, you must reach at least level 69. After all, it is very difficult to find a Tang character who meets the “skeleton” conditions, but starting a number is a good method.

Level 69 can also learn the first Qianyuan Pill. Among them, the “Yong Jin” of the Wushuang God of War genre is very in line with the positioning of the Skeleton Tang Dynasty. This Qianyuan Pill can be used to fight the player, and the first sweep will definitely trigger the continuous break. , which can maximize the damage and speed suppression of Skeleton Tang.

In addition, the starting cost of level 69 is relatively low. It costs 21,575W, or about 1,700 yuan, if you don’t count the chance. If you only click on summoning beasts for attacking and repairing, the cost is 16,036W, which is about 1,250 yuan. The main problem is focused on experience, which needs to be quickly acquired by brushing pockets, and the overall difficulty is not high.

2. What kind of equipment should the Skeleton Tang be equipped with?

In terms of belts, you need to look for level 0-30 level-free belts. If you can’t find them, you can also look at level 50-70 belts. However, in terms of belts, it is best to choose no-level and angry belts. The lower the level and the higher the number of black gems, the better.

In terms of shoes, like belts, don’t be vague if you can choose no-level. Level 70 shoes with no-level are the most cost-effective. The higher the gem, the better. Moreover, this kind of shoes is very popular at level 69, even if you don’t play in the future, you won’t have to worry about selling it!

You can choose simple stunts or stunt equipment in terms of clothes, helmets, necklaces, etc. The recommended stunts are “Beast, Breaking Blood, Cihang” or “Transfiguration, Cihang, Beast”, the more stunts, the more you have to choose Unranked belt with rage effect.

In terms of equipment sets, it is recommended to choose the transformation set. If it is not possible, you can also use the broken star set. This increases the damage and ensures the fluidity of the equipment.

In terms of weapons, if you have the conditions, you can choose no-level weapons. If you have the general conditions, you can choose a simple high-injury weapon of level 70. This type of weapon is also highly mobile and cost-effective, and the Skeleton Tang is also very good to use.

3. Recommendations for spiritual decoration

In the front row of spiritual decorations, it is recommended to have two injuries and one speed or two speeds and one injury. You can also choose damage, physical violence, and speed. You can choose what you choose according to your own economic situation.

In the back row, it is recommended that you can choose either defense, magic defense, or defense, magic defense, and parry. If you want to play one-on-one, it is also very good to choose the three-resistance seal.

In addition, it is more recommended to choose “walking like flying” in terms of spiritual accessories. This set can not only increase the speed, but also ensure sales, and the price is very high.

4. Summoned beast configuration

In terms of summoning beasts, we recommend Shunfa Xumi’s pet, which can play a suppressing role in conjunction with the “four summoned beasts” mechanism of the duel mode. If the economic conditions are average, you can also choose the best pet that has lost Xumi, and use Ruyi Dan to slightly change it to blood. After all, the price of Ruyi Dan, which reduces the magic attribute, is very cheap!

Skeleton Datang needs a lot of blood pets to pull itself. The high-speed and high-resistance phoenix in the picture above is very suitable for Skeleton Datang to carry. You can choose some mutant pets to be blood babies according to their skills. However, this kind of baby is more difficult to sell, so you have to deal with it as appropriate.

Another kind of baby is “Electric Soul Flash”. This baby mainly plays the role of “Beast Soul Cone” and “Dispelling”, which is very useful in the heads-up mode.


In general, whether it is a new area or an old area, you can play as long as you want, and the training cost is not high. Moreover, with the revision of the novice task, you can easily transition to level 50, as long as you take the “Five Skills Horse Noodles” gift package of the Leaf Pig we prepared for you when you start the number, brush your pockets and catch ghosts a little. After waiting for the task, you can go straight to 69 and open the world of “Skull Tang” with high speed and high injury!